Best Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty TechnoBuffalo 2021

If you know, you know. Rick and Morty is by far one of the more popular animated shows of the past few years, garnering a passionate and loyal fanbase since its debut in 2013. As luck would have it, the smash hit has clashed with Funko for its Pop! line of vinyl figures. Now, you can let Rick stare at you while you toil away in your windowless cubicle.

Mad scientist: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Rick

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Why is Rick frothing at the mouth? And what's that conspicuous silver canister in his hand? It's science, so you wouldn't understand. The indomitable Rick wears a blank expression on his face, no doubt a reflection of our own emotional state at the end of a trying work day.

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Typical teen: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Morty

There can be no Rick & Morty without Morty, a young teenager who frequently finds himself wrapped up in Rick's devious plans. Morty is a good kid who is easily stressed, which makes him the perfect companion for Rick's crazy antics.

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Big sister: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Summer

Summer is the complete opposite of Morty, which is what makes their dynamic so compelling. Morty's older sister is only concerned with one thing (as most teenagers are): raising her popularity status among her peers. But under her superficial facade is a whip-smart and funny person who can keep up with Rick.

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Quite the pickle: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Pickle Rick

When faced with the possibility of family therapy, Rick inexplicably turns himself into a pickle. When in his pickle state, the crazed Rick builds himself gadgets in order to survive after plummeting into a sewer, because of course. If you know Rick, you know that's not nearly the weirdest thing he's done.

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As you wish: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Mr. Meeseeks

The Meeseeks have a meager and brief existence. Summoned through a Meeseeks box, the blue humanoids exist only to fulfill a simple task. Once that task is fulfilled, they disappear into a cloud of smoke. Luckily, this Funko Pop! figure of the blue alien won't disappear, because its lifelong purpose of making you happy will never be fulfilled.

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Fly away: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Birdperson

One of the stranger characters in Rick and Morty, Birdperson is an old friend of Rick's who becomes romantically involved with Summer's friend Tammy. Despite his bird-like features, he is a loyal friend and a devoted spouse to Tammy, at least for a little while.

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Deranged cat: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Squanchy

The mangy appearance of Squanchy underlines the character's deep love of alcohol, something he shares in common with Rick. Squanchy is a recurring character and one of the more vulgar in the franchise, as his introduction to viewers is among the weirdest in the show's history.

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Adorable trouble: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Snowball

Who's a good boy? Snowball (also known as Snuffles) is Morty's adorable pet dog. After experiencing some trouble with potty training, Snowball is outfitted with an IQ helmet, which is modified further to allow him to communicate with humans. It only gets worse from there.

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Ready to fight: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Weaponized Morty

This Funko Pop! figure displays Morty from the "Total Rickall" episode when the young boy arms himself against an uprising of parasites. The figure features Morty holding a blaster, a grenade sling, and holster attached to his legs.

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Stay away: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Hemorrhage

You'll find Hemorrhage in the Post-Apocalyptic Dimension, where he is a fearsome warrior and leader of the Death Stalkers. He looks and sounds like a pleasant individual, what with his steel arm, bucket helmet, and rather revealing attire.

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Overlooked: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Noob-Noob

Dressed in a wrestling (or superhero) outfit, Noob-Noob is an oddball character who never really gets his due. He's affiliated with the superhero team the Vindicators, where he works as a janitor aboard a ship.

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Clear your mind: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Unity

Watch out, because Unity is capable of controlling minds. The powerful entity is a collective hive mind, with the unique ability to take on the form of multiple genders, races, and more.

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Horror icon: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Scary Terry

Horror fans will instantly recognize Scary Terry, who looks like Freddy Krueger more sinister brother. The character features razor-sharp claws, jagged teeth, and cat-like eyes. If you want a nightmare sitting on your desk, by all means, get this Funko Pop!

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Szechuan sauce: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Cornvelious Daniel

Voiced by Nathan Fillion, Cornvelious Daniel is a Galactic Federation agent who is sent into Rick's brain for information. The figure displays the character munching on Szechuan sauce, which has famously crossed over into the real world.

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Telekinetic warrior: Funko Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty - Kiara

One of the cooler designs in the Rick and Morty universe, Kiara is an alien who has a brief romantic relationship with Jerry. Kiara has powerful telekinetic powers and is portrayed as a powerful warrior — but she doesn't harm humans.

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Let's go on an adventure

Ricky and Morty has become a cultural phenomenon because of its irreverent humor and quirky cast of characters. It's grown in popularity over the past few years and only continues to get bigger, with Cartoon Network ordering 70 new episodes following the conclusion of season three.

If you have an empty shelf or space at your desk, the Funko Pop! Rick will make for a great decoration. That blank stare perfectly encapsulates the character and is a reminder of how stunned we all feel after a hard day at work.

If you'd prefer to confuse your co-workers while improving your mood, the Mr. Meeseeks makes for a fun desk companion. His hopeful smile will help keep you sane every time more paperwork is piled onto your desk.

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