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You could be enjoying a freshly diced salad or a bright and herby pesto in little time with the help of a food chopper. Whether you want the tool to do the work manually or you have a free kitchen outlet, one of the options in our collection is sure to be a fit. We've gathered the best food choppers to save you prep time so you can skip ahead to enjoying your snack or meal.

Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper

Nicely diced: Mueller Austria Pro vegetable chopper

Staff Pick

This manual option offers two blade sizes for dicing your ingredients. When you press down on the top, everything you diced will collect in the clear bin at the bottom, which holds four cups. To remove bits of food stuck in the blades, a cleaning brush is included.

$20 at Amazon
Zyliss Easy Pull Food Chopper

Pull and go: Zyliss Easy Pull food chopper

Pull the large red handle on the cord so this food chopper's blades spin. You can process three cups at a time in the bowl, which is easy to clean when finished. The multiple blades prevent pieces of food from escaping your chopping efforts, helping you spend less time scraping down the sides of the bowl.

$28 at Amazon
Kitchenaid Food Chopper

Most color options: KitchenAid food chopper

Choose from two speeds or a pulse option to prepare your ingredients. Once finished, the handle and pour spout on the bowl make it easy to transfer the contents. Unlike most other options, this food chopper offers a selection of colors to match your kitchen design.

From $60 at Amazon
Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus

Smart blade: Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus food processor

Tap the chop or grind buttons to start processing your ingredients. You won't have to worry about the blade getting stuck because it will automatically reverse to prevent motor burnout. The bowl on this Cuisinart model holds three cups, making it perfect for dips, spreads, or small meals.

From $40 at Amazon
Black And Decker Electric Food Chopper

Besto pesto: Black and Decker electric food chopper

The 175-watt motor in this chopper works with the press of a button. Inside the bowl is a bi-level blade, making sure no small bits are missed when processing. When making pesto, the two openings at the top allow you to add olive oil slowly, aiding with emulsification.

$29 at Amazon
Brieftons Express Food Chopper

One-hand operation: Brieftons Express food chopper

Finish large batches of prep quickly with the 6.8 cup bowl on this offering -- the largest in our collection. The one-hand pump chops with the blade or mixes with the included paddle. As a bonus, you'll also receive five ebooks full of recipes to try out.

$22 at Amazon

Chip chop

Reducing the time you need to spend preparing ingredients means more time to spend enjoying your food with family and friends. These food choppers can all handle the task, but we think from a pure prep standpoint that the Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper is the top option. The process for dicing is so simple: place the vegetable on the blades and press it through. Plus, the collection bin keeps your countertop free of the mess so you can transfer ingredients easily when you're done.

If you need something to mix ingredients while they're being chopped, then the Zyliss Easy Pull Food Chopper is the right choice. You'll never need to dedicate an outlet to it in your kitchen because it works by pulling the attached cord. And with the two-blade system, you'll get a more evenly chopped mixture once you're finished.

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