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Best Floor Lamps For the Living Room TechnoBuffalo 2022

Strategically placed lamps can take your room from mediocre to beautifully designed. Floor lamps have become a staple piece in every living room. Use a classically styled or a contemporary designed lamp to act as an accent to your current decor as well as a beautiful way to illuminate your room. We recommend the Sunllipe Torchiere LED Floor Lamp as it looks great, provides an ample amount of light, and also comes with a reading light.

Best Overall: Sunllipe Torchiere LED Floor Lamp

The Sunllipe Torchiere LED floor lamp is excellent for anyone who likes to read or work in their living room. Not only does this spectacular lamp brighten your entire room with its two built-in 18-watt LED bulbs, but it also features a convenient 5-watt reading light with a gooseneck that can be manipulated to brighten your room in every direction.

This particular floor lamp is designed to give you options. Whether you're reading in your favorite chair, lounging on the couch, or entertaining friends, this Sunllipe lamp can create a great ambiance with its three light options. Use the attached rotary switch to choose from turning on the main light, the reading light, or both lights at the same time.

What's great about both the main light and the reading light is that they can be tilted in 360 degrees, allowing you to light up all areas of your living room. Although, if you tilt the lights directly toward where you are sitting, they can be extremely bright.

The included LED lights provide 50,000 hours of light, so you won't have to replace these bulbs for a very long time. These bulbs also don't project heat and remain cool, which makes them safer than traditional bulbs.

The entire lamp reaches 70.8-inches high and is made entirely out of transparent acrylic that is 10 millimeters thick.


  • Tilt 360 degrees
  • Two built-in 18- watt LED lights
  • Reading light included
  • 70.8 inches tall


  • Can be too bright if tilted in your direction

Best Overall

Sunllipe Torchiere LED Floor Lamp

Tall LED floor lamp with reading light

The Sunllipe Torchiere LED floor lamp comes with two built-in 18-watt bulbs as well as an extra 5-watt reading light.

Best Value: Globe Electric 67065 Barden Floor Lamp

The Globe Electric 67065 Barden floor lamp is a beautifully minimalist and Nordic styled lamp. It features a white linen shade that stands above a matte black stand. You don't have to worry about this light toppling over as it stands 58-inches high and weighs a sturdy 11.22 pounds.

To brighten up your living room, this extremely affordable floor lamp uses a 1xE26/medium base 60-watt bulb, which is sold separately. The linen shade helps deliver a bright and diffused light that warms your entire living room. It also features a 5-foot cord, which is great because you don't have to place your lamp directly beside an outlet. You have more freedom to use the floor lamp as decor as well and set it where it compliments your room.

The geometric bridge arm design at the top of the lamp is a nice added touch as you can place your lamp in corners or behind the couch, while still offering a significant amount of light.


  • Nordic style
  • 58-inches high
  • 5-foot cord


  • Bulb not included
  • Sometimes arrives damaged

Best Value

Globe Electric 67065 Barden Floor Lamp

Beautiful Nordic style floor lamp

The Globe Electric 67065 Barden floor lamp is a beautiful Nordic style lamp that stands 58-inches tall and comes equipped with a 5-foot power cord.

Best Modern: Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp

The Brightech Carter LED floor lamp is the perfect modern lamp for anyone who enjoys syncing their house with smart home features. This lamp is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. Simply plug the light into a smart outlet and enjoy controlling it through your smart home.

Standing at 65.5-inches high, this floor lamp features a classic and clean design. Its stand is made from a walnut eucalyptus wood finish with beautiful brass accents. The lampshade is made from linen and resembles the shape of a drum. There are two openings at the top and bottom of the lampshade, which allows light to distribute evenly throughout the room.

Although this floor lamp has a visually appealing and versatile design, when brand new, the lampshade arrives rolled up. It fastens together through a velcro strip, but the strip is not sewn on to the lampshade itself. This makes shaping the shade a little tricky at first. The fact that the velcro is not sewn into the lampshade also causes it to separate over time.

The Brightech Carter lamp uses 60-watt LED bulbs, which are great at saving energy as they do not produce excess heat as classic bulbs do.


  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit
  • Modern design
  • 65.5-inches high


  • Lampshade arrives rolled up
  • Lampshade velcro is not sewn on

Best Modern

Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp

Floor lamp that's compatible with smart home features

The Brightech Carter floor lamp features a modern design and is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

Best Multi-use: Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

The Brightech Maxwell LED shelf floor lamp is the ultimate multi-use lamp. Not only does it brighten your room, but it also stores and shelves small items. If you are looking for a lamp with a perfectly diffused glow, but are pressed for space, then this two-in-one lamp is perfect for you.

The stand of the lamp is a three-tiered wooden shelf made to hold photographs or other small items of decor. This convenient design is both space-saving and decorative. Feel free to use this lamp as both a source of light as well as a beautiful feature piece in your living room.

Standing at 63-inches tall, this lamp is not only great to look at, but it is also compatible with smart homes. Connect it to Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit through a smart outlet. The outlet is not included. Also featured in this lamp is a 60-watt LED bulb that has a 20-year lifespan. You won't have to worry about the bulb fusing any time soon.

This lamp comes prepared with all of the hardware and tools needed to set it up. Buyers of the Brightech Maxwell shelf floor lamp mention that the wood frame is very thin and that the bulb included in this floor lamp is not smart home compatible.


  • 63-inches tall
  • two-in-one lamp and shelf
  • All hardware and tools for setup are included


  • Bulb is not smart home compatible
  • Wood is thin

Best Multi-use

Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Two-in-one floor lamp and shelf

The Brightech Maxwell LED shelf floor lamp doubles as a decorative shelf and a lamp that provides a beautiful diffused glow.

Best Aesthetics: Brightech Twist Floor Lamp

If you're someone who appreciates intricate designs and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to styling your home, then the Brightech twist floor lamp is one to look out for. It reaches 48-inches high and features an 8-pound weighted base, so you won't have to worry about it falling over or losing its balance.

Included in this aesthetically pleasing floor lamp is a footswitch that allows you to alternate between three different light settings. Tap the footswitch once to turn it on, two times to dim the light by 50 percent, three times to bring the brightness back up to 30 percent, and four times to turn it off. This allows you to match the lighting in your living room to your activities or mood.

The design of the Brightech twist is unique. It is two lights that are twisted, intertwined, and connected at the top, shining light in every direction. The actual twists cannot be manipulated, but you can physically move the lamp in different directions to light specific areas.

Assembling this lamp is extremely easy as all of the tools and hardware are included. Simply screw the base on to the light and turn it on.


  • Intricate design
  • Shines light in every direction
  • Three different light settings


  • Cannot change shape of light

Best Aesthetics

Brightech Twist Floor Lamp

Visually appealing twisted floor lamp

The Brightech twist floor lamp features a unique and visually appealing design that shines light in every direction.

Bottom line

Add a little something extra to the appearance of your living room through delicately designed floor lamps. Not only are floor lamps perfect for brightening up your room, but they can also complement your furniture as a unique accent piece.

Whether you're looking for a floor lamp to illuminate your entire room, or just a small area, ensuring that you pick the right type of lamp is essential to creating the perfect ambiance. A reading nook does not need the same amount of broadly distributed light as a center lamp does. That's why we recommend the Sunllipe Torchiere LED Floor Lamp because it not only has a modern look to it, but it also comes prepared for multiple activities with its attached reading light.

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