Best Fishing Rods TechnoBuffalo 2021

If this is your first time shopping for a fishing rod, there are a lot of criteria to consider. The kind of fish you are trying to catch and your preferred fishing location are just a few of the aspects you'll want to think about. Below we've put together a detailed list of the best fishing rods for a variety of different fishing styles and conditions. Experienced anglers will also find some of the leading brands on this list.

Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod

Kit and kaboodle: PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Kit

Staff Pick

While PLUSINNO is not as well-known as some of the other brands on this list, they offer a well-performing rod at an attractive price point. As for me, I love a good package deal, and this set is the whole kit and kaboodle, especially for beginners. The kit comes with a basic rod and reel combo along with a roll of 3-pound line, hooks, weights, lures, and a convenient carry case. How's that bang for your buck?

From $84 at Amazon
Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning Rod

Tough construction: Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

For more experienced fisherpeople, the Ugly Stik is a great option for serious anglers who are a bit rough on their equipment. This graphite and fiberglass rod is built to last and will hold up to any big mean fish that come along and to try and break it. Bass fishers especially consider this one of the best fishing rods around.

Penn Reel Rod Combo

Best for saltwater: PENN Saltwater Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

Not every rod is suited to high winds and heavy game fish. If you plan to do any deep-sea fishing, you'll want a robust rod and reel that's built for saltwater conditions. The other obvious advantage of this rod is that it comes with a PENN saltwater reel included!

Entsport E Series Casting Rod

Best value: Entsport E-Series Sirius Casting Rod

For strength, sensitivity, and casting accuracy, you won't find a better rod anywhere at this price. Despite its surprising affordability, the Entsport Sirius casting rod will not snap under pressure, and when paired with a good reel, it casts like a dream. This is a great basic rod that will suit a range of different fishing styles.

$30 at Amazon
Redington Classic Trout

Best for fly fishing: Redington Classic Trout Rod

Trout fishing is unlike any other type of angling in technique and location; therefore, it needs a very special rod. The Redington is a trustworthy rod that has been used by generations of fly fishermen. This fly fishing rod provides the delicacy required for technical casting methods but will also prove tough enough to bring in big river fish.

Kastking Blackhawk Ii Telescopic Fishing Rod

Compact telescopic rod: KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod

KastKing is another solid brand that delivers excellent quality at a reasonable price. Here you have a sturdy graphite and glass construction that proves both resilient and flexible in action. The great thing about the Blackhawk II is that it can telescope down to a small portable size for travel.

$50 at Amazon
St Croix Spinning Rod

Fine cork and graphite: St Croix Premier Spinning Rod

If you have a bit more budget to work with, look into a finely crafted spinning rod like this one from St Croix. The traditional cork handle ensures a firm grip, and over time it will conform to the shape of your hand, creating your own custom handle. The lightweight graphite rod is built for outstanding strength, sensitivity, and hook-setting power.

Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Best for ice fishing: Fenwick Elite Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

For ice fishing, you'll need a shorter, robust rod that can support the jigging action required to bring fish straight up out of the ice. Fenwick has long been trusted by ice fishers for its durable construction and reliable performance in freezing temperatures.

$35 at Amazon

Bring in the Big One

With one of these best fishing rods, you'll be ready to bring in that big catch you've been waiting for. Especially for beginners, our favorite choice is the PLUSINNO Rod and Reel Kit because it's a great package deal — everything you need to get started fishing. Complete with a convenient carry case, this set is compact and travel-friendly as well.

A more experienced angler may prefer a more elite rod like the St Croix Premier because of its quality craftsmanship and materials. Fly fishing experts, on the other hand, will need a specialized fly fishing rod such as a classic Redington. Your choice will depend on the type of fishing and style you prefer, but any one of the rods on this list will prove an excellent fishing companion.

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