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When it comes to fighting games, they can sometimes blur together in a cacophony of punches, kicks, and gore. PlayStation 4 manages to offer up a robust selection of realistic and over-the-top games which let you live out your fighting fantasies from behind the safety of a controller. Out of all of them Mortal Kombat 11 easily delivers the best experience with fantastic graphics, a robust tutorial, and the best fighting mechanics the series has ever had.

Mortal Kombat 11

Perfect fatality: Mortal Kombat 11

Staff Pick

Mortal Kombat has set the bar for what a fighting game should look and play like for more than 20 years now, delivering countless fatalities, over-the-top action, and more blood than any game needs. With Mortal Kombat 11, Netherrealms continues this saga with the best Mortal Kombat game that has ever shown up on console, and it looks better than ever. There aren't any issues with stutter or frame rate dropping when you are in the middle of kicking the crap out of your friends, and the gore looks bloodier than ever. The combat mechanics have received a facelift as well. Mortal Kombat's basic system revolves around the fact that you have buttons for kicks, punches, and blocks, and depending on how you string them together, you can trigger combos that annihilate your enemies. One of the major additions is a robust tutorial mode that introduces the basics to new players, making this game easier to pick up, even if you've never played a single round of Mortal Kombat in the past.

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Tekken 7

Button mashing fun: Tekken 7

In many ways, Tekken 7 is the game you already know and love to play with a crazy story, gorgeous graphics, and plenty of characters who are ready to duke it out. The formula hasn't really changed, but updates to gameplay and graphics have made it better than ever. One of the great perks that Tekken brings to the table is the endless customization options. There are costume pieces like a giant pizza or a floating lantern that you can attach to your character if you want a good laugh.

Combat mechanics have also received an update that makes them easier for new players to pick up, but it doesn't ruin the experience for veteran fans. Short and middle-range fighting feels more intuitive thanks to the quickness of forward or backstepping, and sidestepping is a hair slower than it used to be. It is worth mentioning that while the mechanics have been adjusted for Tekken 7, the fighting is better and more technical than it has ever been before. While you can just hop in and start mashing buttons hoping for the best, taking a strategic approach to launching combos will lead to a fluid, organic fight that is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Aerial combos galore: Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Z has been one of the most popular anime series for years, delivering intense action with memorable characters and plots. While there have been other DBZ fighting games, none of them have managed to capture the look and feel of the anime in a 2D game quite as well as Dragon Ball FighterZ does. It is a 2D fighter that perfectly emulates the animation style and delivers it to your console. There are 24 different characters that you can play as including fan faves like Android 21, Bardock, Vegito, and more. When it comes to the actual fighting, it also encapsulates gameplay that feels like the show. You'll be able to jump into the air and pull off crazy aerial combos. The gameplay is fun, fast-paced, and delivers a great fighting game for DBZ fans and newcomers alike.

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Soul Caliber VI

Brutal combat: Soul caliber VI

The Soul Caliber series has always been an epic fighting franchise based around weapons, and the sixth installment in the franchise is no exception. Soul Caliber VI looks better than ever and delivers the gameplay you've been waiting for. It features the familiar roster of characters to choose from and some newcomers, including none other than Geralt of Riviera. The combat mechanics have received an excellent upgrade, including the new reversal system, which lets you land counterattacks by reading your opponent's movements. The combat is faster and more fluid than ever, delivering an excellent fighting game for any fan of the genre.

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Bottom line

With a variety of different fighting games available, PlayStation 4 works to make sure there is a game out there that everybody can love. Each game on our list ticks off different boxes, but every single one is excellent and tons of fun to play. Of course, the absolute best is definitely Mortal Kombat 11. Delivering the whole package of excellent fighting mechanics, a robust tutorial for new players, awesome campaign mode, and stellar graphics, Mortal Kombat 11 is everything that a great fighting game should be.

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