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End tables are fashionable and functional pieces that flank your cushy sofa or deeply comfortable armchairs. They provide the necessary surface area to support important relaxation accessories (coffee cups, remotes, a popcorn bowl, or reading glasses) and maybe even a potted plant or picture frame. These trusty table sidekicks ensure your living room is the ultimate kickback space. We've assembled the perfect end table options, so there is a place to rest things while you're at rest.

Furinno 3 Tier End Table Render

Simple stack: Furinno 3-tier end table

Staff Pick

This end table by Furinno is the perfect beginning to a well-loved living space. Whether you're searching for practicality or design, this essential piece, measuring 13.4-by-11.5-by-22.8 inches, offers stylish simplicity and must-have storage. Crafted from sturdy engineered wood and plastic, the streamlined style features a just-the-right-size tabletop and two shelves strung together by four slender legs. Each shelf is positioned at varying heights to accommodate knickknacks, novels, and more.

$23 at Amazon
Furinno End Table Render

Drawer draw: Furinno end table

End tables and sofas are the perfect pairing. They allow you to set and sit in tandem. It's easy to achieve that downtime status when the essentials are at arm's length, and enlisting this sleek and savvy table will do the trick. With slender legs and generous surface, this style offers modern elegance and a stuff-keeping shelf to boot. To minimize the clutter, there's even a drawer to tuck away items that are better stored. Constructed from engineered wood, this end table will become a lasting addition to your living space. Choose from a variety of finishes to make this option yours.

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Crown Mark Pierce Side Table Render

Everyday elegance: Crown Mark Pierce side table

With a traditional vibe and a slim profile, this end table will offer a dose of understated fabulous to your living room furnishings. Designed to complement, not compete, its narrow silhouette, measuring 24-by-12-by-24 inches, will fit perfectly fit by your couch's side. Its sturdy wooden construction will prop up everything from almost-empty wine glasses to a favorite lamp. Finished with a single shelf, this end table is also the perfect place to display figurines or a succulent or two. To enhance your space, choose from the color options available.

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Vasagle Industrial End Table Render

Industrial style: VASAGLE Industrial end table

Coffee table just not cutting it anymore? To increase that functional surface area, call upon the industrial flair of the VASAGLE end table. With a wide rustic wooden top and an iron frame, its cool contrast will offer visual interest, purpose, and durability. The end table, measuring 17.7-by-17.7-by-21.6 inches, also has a solitary mesh shelf that adds a textural element to the basic cube-inspired design. You can house your magazine collection or a basket with your softest blanket. This style is also fitted with adjustable protective feet that accommodate uneven surfaces and shield flooring from unwanted nicks, scuffs, or scratches.

$45 at Amazon
Winsome Eugene Accent Table Render

Very vintage: Winsome Eugene accent table

We are getting serious heirloom vibes from this end table by Winsome. It's passed-down look will give your living space the character it deserves. With classic lines crafted from a sturdy blend of solid and composite wood, this piece certainly has something to say (and it will be saying it for years to come). The table, measuring 19-by-15-by-25 inches, has a smooth, wide top, perfect for keeping your current page-turner or that wayward remote. And it's not light on the features either; if you're looking to keep your living space uncluttered, it has a drawer and a deep cabinet. Choose from the available finish options to beautify your home.

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Walker Edison Furniture Company Round Side Table Render

Make it mod: Walker Edison Furniture Company round side table

If that boxy shape is out, then a round table is a must. This circular, edgeless design, measuring 24-by-16-by-16 inches, offers a pop of modernity with its sleek stone-inspired top (made of durable laminate) and unique crisscrossed metal frame. Crafted with minimalism in mind, this table will offer just enough space to display tchotchkes or hold your phone. (It is built to hold 50 pounds after all.)

$68 at Amazon

The end

A couple of end tables are essential to the perfect living room's makeup. Accompanying a sofa or that lived-in recliner, they offer spaces the benefit of their aesthetic and the pleasure of their functional elements. Whether they feature shelves, drawers, cabinets, or a combination, end tables do a great job of keeping favorite things handy. Our first choice is the Furinno 3-tier end table because its simple style and wealth of open shelves provide just enough panache and more than enough space for all the things. Realized in durable engineered wood and plastic, this end table is built to endure and delight through the years. So, stack, organize and display with this choice selection.

To capture a more traditional look, the Crown Mark Pierce side table is a great choice. It has a narrow, rectangular design that offers the right amount of room for a floral vase, your wedding photo, and a coffee mug. Whatever you choose to home, you can also use the convenient shelf. So gather your favorite doodads and make your living room the perfect hangout.

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