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It's never too late to prepare for an emergency, and assembling a survival toolkit can help with urgent life events. To start, emergency lights are one of the most important safety items to include. If the power goes out or you're stranded roadside at night, it's essential to shine a light on the situation. As basic as an emergency light might be, a bright lamp, flashlight, or roadside light allows you to see and be seen. Don't wait, illuminate your surroundings with this curated list of emergency lights.

Vont LED Camping Lanterns - 4-Pack

Make it bright: Vont LED Camping Lanterns - 4 Pack

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If you're looking for an emergency light that is built to last, this set of durable lanterns is a great choice. Each of the four battery-powered lanterns is constructed from military-grade materials, which means they are built to endure hardships, including 10-foot drops and raindrops. They're simple to use, too. Just pull the handles to release the brightness of 30 LED bulbs or collapse to adjust the intensity. The longevity of these handy lanterns is also impressive; they can light the way for up to 12 hours with continuous use.

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GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight - 2 Pack

Double the light: GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight - 2 Pack

This luminous battery-powered duo, made to resist the damage of impact and water, is constructed of durable military-grade aluminum. The strong construction makes it easy to illuminate your view during emergencies. Their sleek, compact design allows for simple storage in your glove compartment or survival kit. These adjustable flashlights were designed with five lighting modes, including high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. The addition of two cases makes it possible to keep your flashlights handy and accessible should you need them at any moment.

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ThorFire Rechargeable Solar Flashlight

No batteries needed: ThorFire Rechargeable Solar Flashlight

You'll no longer have to worry about batteries in an emergency with the ThorFire flashlight. This efficient design uses two alternative energy sources, the sun and a hand crank, to power the bright LED bulb. When the sun is not an option, or you run out of charge, turning the hand crank will generate energy to power your light. This convenient design has three modes, including mid, high, and flash, offering versatility to your lighting options. And did we mention it's waterproof and submersible up to 45 feet? The durability and efficiency of this flashlight make it an ideal choice for emergencies.

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Eton American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Flashlight - 2 Pack

Equip your outlets: Eton American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Flashlight - 2 Pack

Emergency preparedness can be as close as your nearest outlet. The blackout buddy flashlight is designed to supply your socket with the bright LED lighting you need during an outage. When you're in the dark, this flashlight snaps into action, illuminating your home with the backup lighting you need. You can simply remove this accessible handheld device, fold the plug away, and use the light source with immediacy. The convenient rechargeable battery can light your way at length, lasting up to four hours. This set includes two flashlights to begin prepping your home.

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Glow Mind Ultra Bright Emergency Glow Stick - 12 Pack

Let it glow: Glow Mind Ultra Bright Emergency Glow Stick - 12 Pack

The glowstick is a simple, alternative light source for your emergency preparedness kit. This safety staple is not flammable and non-toxic, constructed without bulbs or batteries. The steady beam of each glow stick in this 12 pack lasts for up to 12 hours. This set is a lasting and cost-effective lighting solution that can effectively equip your toolkit with its shelf life of four years. Different packages and color options are available to illuminate your darkest situations.

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Stafety first

Building a preparedness kit will help you stay safe during an emergency. An essential tool to add to your kit is a light source. Emergency lights illuminate and signal, so you have no trouble with visibility. Our first choice when it comes to composing your kit is the Vont LED Camping Lanterns - 4 Pack. Each lantern in this set is assembled of military-grade materials for durability and longevity. They are built to withstand impacts from 10 feet and resist water. The compact, collapsible design allows you to adjust brightness and store them easily. Twelve hours of battery life make this set a great choice when choosing your safety tools.

If you're looking for an alternative to bulbs and batteries, glow sticks are the perfect alternative. The Glow Mind Ultra Bright Emergency Glow Stick - 12 Pack is a cost-effective addition to your safety inventory. Each luminous glowstick is not flammable, non-toxic, and created to brighten your surroundings for up to 12 hours. Their slim profile and easy construction make them a simple addition to survival toolkit.

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