Best Electronic Pets TechnoBuffalo 2021

Having a living, breathing pet as a member of your family that needs food, water, and play time can be expensive and time-consuming. Electronic pets offer all the fun and absolutely none of the commitment of a four-legged friend that needs walks regularly. We've tested them all and here's how our favorite electronic pets rank.

From tots to seniors: Hasbro Ageless Innovation Cat

Staff pick

This realistic-looking cat responds to touch and motion by moving its head and paws, opening and closing its eyes, meowing, and purring. This furry feline doesn't run or play, but it will sit in your lap and delight all ages.

$94 at Amazon

Dog on wheels: Chippies Robot Toy Dog

Chippies is half robot and half dog. Petting Chippies' head leads him to perform random acts like sniffing and barking. Use the remote control to make your new friend chase its tail, roll over, sing, and dance. Chippies can even guard a room from intruders.

$37 at Amazon

The repeater: XYH Talking Hamster

I love this talking hamster for its simplicity. Flip the switch on, talk to your new pet, and it will mimic your every word in a high-pitched cartoon-like voice. This soft hamster is geared toward kids but is a fun companion for all ages.

$21 at Amazon

Interactive puppy: Robot Harry

He may not have fur, but Robot Harry walks, barks, talks, plays, sings, and dances. This inexpensive Dalmatian is great for kids up to age seven, responds to touch, and runs on three AA batteries.

$24 at Amazon

Cuddly tiger: FurReal Roarin' Tyler

Roarin' Tyler is a cute and cuddly tiger that responds to more than 100 sounds and motions by bowing, roaring, playing with a toy, and more. This huggable guy is plush enough to snuggle and has moveable back legs.

$74 at Amazon

Unconventional pet: Spino the Dino

He's not furry or cuddly but he roars and his tail lights up. With moveable legs, LED lights and only three AA batteries to power it all, you can't go wrong with Spino the Dino for kids ages three and up.

$15 at Amazon

Swimming turtles: Lil' Turtle Tank

This cool kit comes with a turtle tank, colored sand for the bottom of the tank, and a mother and baby turtle. It's fun to watch both turtles walk on land and swim and dive in the water just like real turtles.

$43 at Amazon

Hatching eggs: Hatchimals Surprise

Each magical egg contains twin Hatchimals that you raise and care for as your very own. Hatchimals tell jokes, play games, say "I love you," record and repeat messages, and move their head and wings.

$54 at Amazon

Kissing puppy: Rollie

Rollie is an electronic dog that licks, wags its tail, and even closes its eyes when he sleeps. Rollie can do more than 25 noises and actions and comes with an adoption certificate.

$25 at Amazon

Electronic pets are here to stay

Electronic pets keep getting better, smarter, and for some, more realistic-looking. All this equals a higher entertainment value for you. My favorite pick, the Hasbro Ageless Innovation Cat looks, acts, and even feels like the real deal. This electronic companion animal has soft, brushable fur and loves to be petted and cuddled, making it an excellent choice for adults and kids.

If you're looking for an electronic pet for younger kids, Chippies is hard to beat. Chippies does an impressive number of tricks, comes with a remote control, and who wouldn't love a dog that guards their bedroom? Available in three color choices, Chippies is a fun, interactive pet that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

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