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Whether you're craving a juicy roast or slicing a cushy loaf of bread, an electric knife effortlessly glides through food to provide clean, hassle-free cuts. These handy devices eliminate the back-and-forth of a manual knife, cutting down on prep time with the help of a blade-thrusting motor. You'll serve up delicious plates featuring your favorite meats and more in no time. To equip your kitchen, we've rounded up the best electric knives out there.

Cuisinart Cek 40 Electric Knife Render

Slice-ready set: Cuisinart electric knife

Staff Pick

Power up meal prep with this efficient electric carving knife by Cuisinart. Featuring blades for slicing meat and bread, this knife set offers two expert styles for optimum slicing. The knife is powered by an ergonomic motorized handle, offering precise control. For safety, the knife is even protected with a blade lock. When not in use, the blades and handle can be stored on the handsome wooden tray. Additional package options are available.

$196 at Amazon
Blackdecker 9 Inch Electric Carving Knife Render

Sleek shearin' style: Black+Decker 9-inch electric carving knife

Seamlessly cut meat, cheese, and more with this efficient electric carving knife. It features 9-inch serrated blades that offer smooth, precise cuts and never need sharpening. The effective blades easily attach to the motorized ergonomic handle, enhancing comfort and control with every slice. When the knife is not in use but attached to the power source, the handle also features a safety lock button that prevents the knife from engaging.

$19 at Amazon
Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Render

It's electric: Hamilton Beach electric knife

Slice up everything from ham to French bread with of this easy-to-operate electric knife. You'll wield the power of electricity with the trigger-activated, ergonomic, motorized handle. The handle provides a sure and safe grip with every slice. Ideal slices are delivered by the serrated stainless steel blades, offering easy resistance-free strokes. The knife is accompanied by a serving fork and a convenient case for simple storage.

$20 at Amazon
Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife Render

Great value: Proctor Silex Easy Slice electric knife

You spend all the time preparing the meaty main course of your meal, why struggle with slicing? An electric knife can make portioning meat and more, simple, especially when it means quickly feeding hungry individuals. This lightweight knife is powered by a comfortable ergonomic, motorized handle for proper blade management. The stainless steel blades are deployed by an easy trigger button, providing seamless cuts. You'll make great use of this easy knife preparing your next meal.

$15 at Amazon
Nutrichef Portable Electric Knife Render

Slice and store: Nutrichef portable electric knife

Accurate and easy cuts are simple with this speedy electric knife. The knife features an ergonomic motorized handle that conforms for the perfect grip. Easy handling is only part of the knife's appeal; the simple power button activates the sharp stainless steel blade for simple slices. For safety, a lock feature stabilizes the blade to prevent injury. This set even includes two blade choices. When not in use, the handle and blades stow away on the stylish wooden block.

$35 at Amazon
Oster Electric Knife Render

Precise and portable: Oster electric knife

Mouth-watering meats don't stand a chance with this precise electric knife by Oster. This knife has an ergonomic motorized handle that is contoured for control and comfort. The handle powers the sharp stainless steel blade designed to shear meats and more with little effort. To tackle difficult cuts, the blade is angled at the tip for precision. This knife is accompanied by a serving fork and a convenient storage case.

$29 at Amazon

Cut above

When you're slicing meat or even bread, sometimes a regular knife just doesn't cut it. And when it doesn't, an electric knife can pick of the slack. Electric knives are engineered to provide clean, accurate slices and portion food with ease. Their effective motored design powers sharp, serrated blades to carve delicious slices of ham, turkey, pot roast, and more. Our first choice is the Cuisinart electric knife because it's a comprehensive cutting force. The knife features an ergonomic motorized handle and two specialized blades for slicing meat and bread. When not in use, the handle and blades can be stored on the stylish wooden tray for safekeeping.

If you're looking for a more reasonable choice, the Black+Decker 9-inch electric carving knife is up to the task. It features sharp 9-inch blades that deliver flawless slices, powered by an ergonomic motorized handle. This model offers precision and control so you can easily prepare food.

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