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Sleeping earplugs are the best way to cancel out all that background noise and help you fall asleep. Falling asleep and staying asleep isn't always easy, especially for someone who wakes to the smallest noises. The Flents Protechs Sleep Ear Plugs are conveniently designed to fit perfectly in your ear while canceling out all of that annoying noise.

Best Overall: Flents Protechs Sleep Ear Plugs

The Flents Protechs Sleep Ear Plugs are an excellent choice for anyone who needs a little help canceling out unwanted noise while trying to fall asleep. These earplugs are carefully designed to fit comfortably in your ear in every position. You don't have to worry about them falling out when you roll over or becoming uncomfortable when you sleep on your side.

Made from comfortable soft foam, these earplugs compress easily and are effortless to insert into place. Once inserted, the foam expands and molds to the natural curves of your ear, creating a snug fit. If you lose one, this pack conveniently comes with ten different pairs.

The Flents Protechs Sleep Ear Plugs cancel out 28 decibels of sound. This won't drown out every sound completely, but it will significantly reduce the amount of noise you hear. Some customers have mentioned that these earplugs can fit a little small. Although they mold to the shape of your canal, if you have more prominent ears, these may not be the best option for you.


  • Rated for 28dB
  • Comfortable soft foam
  • Mold to fit different shaped ears


  • Can fit small

Best Overall

Flents Protechs Sleep Ear Plugs

Earplugs that reduce sound up to 28dB

These earplugs are excellent for sleep as they mold to the contours of your ear and reduce sounds up to 28dB.

Best Value: Mack's Pillow Soft Putty Earplugs

The Mack's Pillow Soft Putty Earplugs are an asset when it comes to having the best sleep. These earplugs are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which makes them suitable for even the most sensitive ears. Your comfort was taken into consideration during the manufacturing of these sleep buds as they are made from a soft silicone putty that molds to the contours of your ear, making them extremely comfortable.

You can be sure that these earplugs won't let unwanted sound in as they seal airtight in your ear canal. These earplugs are the official earplugs of the USA swimming team as they can block water up to 10 feet. Although the Mack's Pillow Soft Putty Earplugs are designed for sleep, they work excellently at protecting your ears during concerts or on plane rides.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, these earplugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) and are rated for 22dB of sound. When wearing these sleep buds, it is essential to note that you should not stuff them into your ear canal. Simply, cover it with the earplugs instead. If they do not fit, break the silicone apart. Do not cut it.

Some customers have mentioned that the silicone can stick to the hairs in your ear, making them slightly uncomfortable to remove.


  • Rated for 22dB
  • Made from soft silicone putty
  • Official earplugs of the USA swimming team


  • Silicone can stick to hair inside ears

Best Value

Mack's Pillow Soft Putty Earplugs

Earplugs made from soft silicone putty

These comfortable earplugs are made from soft silicone putty that molds to the contours of your ear.

Best for Allergies and Flu: EarPlanes Ear Protection

The EarPlanes Ear Protection earplugs are designed for travel, but they are incredible for sleep. These wonderfully soft earplugs offer the ultimate comfort for people with all skin types as they are made from hypoallergenic silicone.

What makes these earplugs unique is that they are specifically designed to keep the pressure in your inner ear and middle ear at par with each other. When you sleep, the pressure in your ears naturally rises. This can be amplified when you are experiencing flu or allergy symptoms. However, with the built-in exclusive CeramX filter, air pressure is controlled.

The EarPlanes Ear Protection earplugs are free of latex, so you don't have to worry about discomfort if you're allergic. They have a rating for 20dB of sound reduction and come in adult and child sizes. Some customers mention that although these earplugs are great at relieving air pressure, they are more useful for sleep than travel.


  • Great for allergies and cold symptoms
  • Control air pressure in the ear
  • Available in child and adult sizes


  • Not great for travel

Best Allergies and Flu

EarPlanes Ear Protection

Hypoallergenic silicone earplugs that control air pressure

These super soft hypoallergenic silicone earplugs are designed to keep the pressure in the middle ear and inner ear at par.

Best Noise Masking: Bose Noise Masking Sleep Buds

Sometimes trying to mute unwanted sounds may not be the best option for you. Perhaps you enjoy controlled background noise while you sleep. If that's the case, then the Bose Noise Masking Sleep Buds are something you should consider adding to your bedtime routine.

These sleep buds don't cancel out any noise. Instead, they mask the noise with carefully engineered sounds. These sounds are soothing and mesh perfectly with unwanted background noise, creating a relaxing environment for sleep. Download the Bose sleep app to your smartphone, and you can control and customize the volume and sound settings to suit your needs.

These earplugs are strategically designed to stay in place while being small. Unlike most music headphones, you can comfortably roll over to your side without them falling out or causing discomfort in your ear. These sleepbuds come with three different sized ear tips to ensure that you have the most comfortable fit.

These earplugs come equipped with a rechargeable zinc battery that offers 16 hours of use after a full 8-hour charge. Also included in this bundle is a convenient storage case that includes one extra charge.


  • Mask background noise with soothing sounds
  • 16 hours of use with one charge
  • Three different sized ear tips


  • Don't cancel out background noise completely

Best Noise Masking

Bose Noise Masking Sleep Buds

Noise masking earplugs for sleep

These small and comfortable earplugs mask background noise with specially engineered soothing sounds to help you fall asleep.

Best Disposable: Amazker Soft Foam Earplugs

The Amazker Soft Foam Earplugs are a great disposable option to canceling out unwanted noise while trying to get some shut-eye. These earplugs come in a pack of 60 pairs and are made from an incredibly soft and comfortable non-toxic foam material. You can use one pair up to 15 times before throwing it away, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Simply place these earbuds into your ears and wait 60 seconds for them to slowly and completely expand and mold into the unique designs of your ears. Because these earplugs are easy to compress and apply, they are incredibly compatible with ears of all sizes.

The Amazker Soft Foam Earplugs have been tested to reduce noise up to 35dB, although some customers mention that they can still hear some sounds at this level. This makes them great for people who work night shifts and need to muffle out the sounds of life during the day. They also come with an aluminum carry case so you can take them with you wherever you go.


  • Pack of 60 pairs
  • Soft foam molds to any ear shape
  • Rated for 35db of noise


  • Don't completely block out sounds

Best Disposable

Amazker Soft Foam Earplugs

Pack of 60 disposable earplugs

These earplugs come in a pack of 60 pairs. Each pair can be used up to 15 times before needing to be disposed of.

Bottom line

Falling into deep REM sleep is difficult for some people. Whether you're a deep sleeper or a soft sleeper, having a way to control the sounds around you makes all the difference when getting a good night's rest. An excellent way to do this is through the use of earplugs. Earplugs are an excellent way to sleep comfortably while canceling out background noise.

Whether your partner snores loudly or likes to watch TV into the late hours of the night, sleep well with the Flents Protechs Sleep Ear Plugs. These earplugs are not only comfortable, they are also secure. You can roll around in bed without having to deal with them falling out and waking you up. Cancel out any annoying sounds and have a great sleep with these earplugs.

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