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DVDs and CDs aren't dead, yet, and many people have a healthy collection of music and movies. You can keep yours safe in long-term storage, or display them for easy access with a DVD or CD storage solution. There are some great options for travel, too. Here are some of the best DVD and CD storage solutions.

AmazonBasics Cd Dvd Binder Storage

Best overall: AmazonBasics CD/DVD Binder

Staff Pick

This binder holds an impressive 400 CDs or DVDs outside of their cases. There is room to separate music from movies and organize them by genre, artist, or alphabetical order. The entire binder measures around 12-inches by 12-inches and is made from quality PU material with a tight binding. It can easily be tucked away at home or taken with you to parties or road trips.

$31 from Amazon
Atlantic Mitsu Media Tower Rack

Best for home: Atlantic Mitsu 5-Tier Media Rack

This media tower features five tiers to hold both CDs and DVDs. Each level has an anchored case divider that slides along the bottom of the shelf and keeps the media upright. This storage unit will hold a total of 130 CDs or 90 DVDs inside their cases. This tower is compact, so it's easy to use in smaller spaces. But you can connect multiple towers together to create more storage space.

$20 from Amazon
Case Logic Visor Storage

Best for car: Case Logic AV-12 12-Capacity Visor

This nifty storage solution slips over your car's sun visor. It is a convenient way to store CDs you enjoy listening to in the car. It is also a safe place to keep DVDs that your kids can watch on portable DVD players. It holds 12 discs, has a pen holder, and a mesh pocket with a zippered closure to hold small items. It attaches to the visor using two eclectic bands that are positioned to stay clear of vanity mirrors.

$10 from Amazon
Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

Best multi-media storage: Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

The Atlantic Drawbridge media storage shelf holds a mixture of DVDs, CDs, and games. Its shelves are spaced enough to hold books, too. It will hold a total of 240 CDs in their cases, or 108 DVDs. Because it is a shelf-style media cabinet, you can display knick-knacks, pictures, and plants on it to help it blend in with your home decor. The shelf is 36 inches tall and 19 inches wide.

$33 from Amazon
Case Logic Wallet Storage

Best compact storage: Case Logic CD/DVDW Wallet 100 Capacity

This wallet-style storage solution holds 100 discs, both CDs and DVDs, without their cases. You can slip two discs into designated holders on each side of each page, or hold several more on the insides of both sides of the cover. The outside if made from breathable PV material that is also water-resistant, so your discs will stay dry, with plenty of padding to prevents cracks or scratches if it falls.

$15 from Amazon
Besti Premium Quality Home Cd Dvd Storage

Best long-term storage: Besti Premium Quality Storage Bags, 6-pack

The Besti storage bags are a great way to store large quantities of CDs and DVDs. Each of the six totes in this bundle holds 40 DVDs or CDs with their cases for a total of 240 discs. The sides are made from clear plastic, which makes it convenient to see the movie or music you'd like to grab without disrupting the order of the other media stored. You can stack these bags on top of each other so they don't take up a lot of room.

$40 from Amazon

Protect your investment

You probably have a decent collection of movies, music, and perhaps video games that are on discs. They're not quite obsolete, yet, and in some cases may be the only way an album is available. You can store your entire collection in the Besti premium storage bags. These six bags together will hold up to 240 DVDs and a few more if you're storing CDs. They stack nicely and are clear so it's easy to see what's inside without opening them.

If you still use DVDs and CDS, then check out the Atlantic Mitsu multi-media rack. This tower will hold all sorts of media and features anchored dividers to keep them upright. It's clean, compact design won't detract from your room's decor and won't take up valuable living space.

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