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Dutch ovens are one of the most versatile pots in the kitchen. They are perfect for braising meats, making stews, boiling vegetables, and deep frying Twinkies. Dutch ovens easily move from the stovetop into the oven, and they are perfect for camping because they withstand the heat of coals and open flames. Here is a list of our favorite dutch ovens.

Best overall: Lodge Enameled Cast iron Dutch Oven

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The Lodge dutch oven comes in six different sizes ranging from 1.5 Qt to 7.5 Qt. Its six-quart oven is the most popular size. The cast-iron dish is covered with a protective enamel that helps keeps food from sticking while also creating a fun color finish to match your kitchen decor. The knob on the lid is made of stainless steel metal, though not covered like the rest of the pot. This means you can put the entire dutch oven into your conventional oven.

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Best double dutch: Cuisinel 2-in-1 Double Dutch Oven

This dutch oven includes a frying pan that doubles as the lid. Both the bottom and the top of the Cuisinel pre-seasoned cast iron oven have a long handle that's easier to keep control of the dish as you cook. You can use this dutch oven for both indoors and outside. The larger pot portion of this dutch oven holds 3 quarts while the 10-inch lid holds at least another quart on its own. Both parts are made to evenly heat to ensure proper cooking.

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Best for camping: Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

While this dutch oven by Lodge can be used indoors, it is designed for camping and use with hot embers of a campfire. It features three feet that lift the entire oven away from the heat source and a convenient handle that helps distribute the weight of the oven as it is lifted and carried. The lid is recessed with a small lip so it can hold additional coals on top to create a true, portable oven for cooking a variety of foods, including baked goods.

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Best large capacity: Crock-Pot Artisan 7-Quart Dutch Oven

Ths Crock-Pot Artisan dutch oven holds 7 quarts of food. It is oval-shaped so that food is more evenly cooked, but it also looks less like camping cookware and more like a traditional dish to serve food in. This dutch oven works will all kinds of cooktops, including gas, ceramic, and induction stoves. The handle is metal so the entire thing can be placed in an oven. It is also okay to cook with the Crock=Pot dutch oven over an open flame.

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Best seasoned oven: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven

Traditional dutch ovens aren't covered with enamel. Instead, the exposed cast iron absorbs the flavors of everything you cook on it to create a well-seasoned pot. The Lodge dutch oven comes pre-seasoned and ready to go. It comes in three sizes - 2 Qt, 5 Qt, and 7 Qt. While they aren't coated in enamel as other ovens typically used indoors, the Lodge pre-seasoned dutch oven works just as well in kitchen ovens and outside over coals.

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Best for bread: Cuisinart Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The deep and round design of the Cuisinart dutch oven makes it a good choice for baking bread. You won't have to worry about having too little dough which would result in a more flat loaf or one with more crispy sides. This enamel covered dutch oven can be warmed enough to encourage rapid rising of yeast breads, plus you can oil the sides to avoid sticking. The entire pot, including the lid, is oven safe, or you can bake bread outside over coals.

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The last morsel on dutch ovens

Dutch oven cooking is a fun way to cook and keep your whole meal in one pot to reduce mess and dirty dishes later. They are versatile enough to bake bread in the oven, stew on the stovetop, and meat over a campfire. The Lodge cast iron dutch oven easily transfers from the stovetop to the oven, and while it is coated with an enamel finish for convenience in your home kitchen, it can also be used camping over hot embers.

To feed a crowd on your next camping trip, or to reduce the need to bring more than one dish, consider the Cuisinel double dutch oven. Its lid is deeper than other models so it can double as a 10-inch skillet. It comes pre-seasoned and ready to use.

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