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Studies show that playing the drums is a great workout of the brain, and it reduces stress and anxiety. For some, it may just be noise pollution! Choosing the right drum set can be a complicated process because of all the different factors to consider. We have taken a look at the drum set market and summarized our research in the following recommendations.

Tama Best Drum Sets Render Tama

Best overall: Ashthorpe 5pc complete kit

Staff Pick

Not everybody wants a drum kit that is flat black and blends in. If you want to stand out the Ashthorpe 5 pc Complete Kit is an excellent option. It comes in four different colors including an eye-popping red sure to turn heads. This drum kit features genuine Remo bran UT-series batter heads, poplar shells, and triple-flanged hoops. It also has everything you need to get started or continue on your drumming journey!

$330 at Amazon
Best Choice 5pc Drum Set

Best value: Best choice 5pc drum set

Drums can be a pricy investment, and if you're new to the instrument, or on a budget you might be looking for the best bang for your buck. The Best Choice Drum Kit gives you everything you need to get started, without breaking the bank in the process. They have a great sleek black look, with white drum tops, and chrome details to make the design pop. Made from durable wood and metal, this is an excellent set that is perfect for an early investment.

$264 at Amazon
Yamaha Best Drum Sets Render Yamaha

Name recognition: Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack

The 100% birch drum shells of the Yamaha Stage give the drummer the value, quality, and the look they need to improve their skills. It includes a kick drum, two rack toms, one floor tom, and a snare. The kit consists of the hardware for the drums only, the cymbals and kick pedals need are not included. This drum set is ideal for beginners and professionals and comes at a reasonable price.

$680 at Amazon
Gretsch Best Drum Sets Render Gretschdrums

Get a vintage look: Gretsch Drums RENOWN 3PC SHELLPACK VINTAGE PEARL

The thicker than standard shells give it a more abundant sounding output. With this set, you'll get vintage tones full of punch and warmth. The cost is in the drum quality only, the cymbals and hardware are not included, but the sound is worth it.

$1,180 at Amazon

The beat goes on with a good drum set

The drums bring the whole band into harmony, for which they need a vibrant melodic beat. The professional drum player knows their favorite brand, but for the rest, we highly recommend the Ashthorpe 5pc Complete Kit . It's a complete set that produces a remarkable and rich sound at a very reasonable price.

If the sound is more important to you, then our recommendation is the Gretsch Drums RENOWN 3PC SHELLPACK VINTAGE PEARL set. The thicker than standard shells provide a deeper sound.

Whichever set you choose is going to give you many hours of fun and exercise.

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