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Your favorite drink would look bland, served in dull and uninspiring drinkware. It's time to swap out any worn, chipped glasses with a new stylish set so that your wine, whiskey, plain ice water, or any other drink almost tastes better. Unique drinkware can also be used as decorative pieces on shelves or see-through cabinets. From glass to stainless steel, here are our best cups for a personalized and satisfying drinking experience.

For everyday use: US Acrylic Classic Acrylic Premium Plastic Tumblers

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These six sleek, 9-ounce glasses blend a thick base, superior clarity, and straight walls for an enjoyable everyday drinking experience. They are made from crystal-clear acrylic, which is known to be durable and shatter-proof. As such, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor drinking occasions and frequent use without the risk of breaking like glass.

$17 at Amazon

Classic design: Libbey Classic 16-piece Glass Set

This set includes eight 13-ounce and eight 18-ounce clear rocks and cooler glasses. The iconic shape is characterized by a heavy sham, a wider top, and a gentle curve. All these factors create a balanced weight, so they're pleasant to hold and simple to refill. The lead-free glass construction is durable and dishwasher safe for easy, quick cleaning.

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Ribbed collection: Le'raze Store Drinking Glasses

These 16 ribbed highball and rocks glasses embody a modern touch and vintage charm, making them versatile enough for casual and formal use. Since the glasses are lead-free, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your drinks. The glasses are ribbed on the inside, in case the unique texture is a concern.

$40 at Amazon

Spill proof: Maars Bev Stainless Steel Stemless WineTumbler

This double-walled and vacuum insulated tumbler keeps drinks chilled for about nine hours or toasty hot for about three hours. You will love the colorful, sleek body crafted from lightweight stainless steel and finished off with a glossy powder coating. A press-in rubber gasket tightly sits at the top to prevent spillage. You can sip through the lid or insert a straw if you are on the move.

$9 at Amazon

Best for whiskey: Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Make a lasting impression on your whiskey-loving guests with these four solid crystal glasses. The glasses sparkle against light to enhance the aura and elevate your whiskey drinking experience. Thick walls, measuring 0.13 inches, help to regulate the temperature of your drink. If you need a gift idea, this glass comes in a satin-lined presentation box, saving you time and energy.

$29 at Amazon

Swirl and sip: Paksh Novelty Red Wine Glasses

The Paksh wine glasses are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys trying out different types of wine in style or turning heads at events. This set includes eight long-stemmed glasses, luxuriously crafted in true Italian style. The stout bulb shape makes the glass comfortable to cradle in hand, while the laser-cut rims ensure the seamless transition of wine from glass to palate. Pop a red, white, or rosé bottle and pour it into these glasses for a memorable experience.

$47 at Amazon

Assorted colors: US Acrylic Cafe Plastic Beverage Tumblers

Bold colors, a textured surface, and a smooth top are just a few exceptional features of these delightful plastic tumblers. They are ideal for restaurants, small home parties, or catered events. You could also color-code with different juices or smoothies to encourage kids to drink up. You get a 16-pack in four assorted colors.

$20 at Amazon

Stemless wine glasses: JoyJolt Spirits Wine Glasses

Stylishly curvy, these glasses fit perfectly in your hand for a relaxed drinking experience. The overall construction is pretty chic, each of the four glasses adding a touch of elegance to your barware. Unlike traditional wine glasses with dainty stems, these have a broad, tip-resistant base. The wide-bowl design is perfect for appreciating color to the fullest.

$17 at Amazon

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Many people go through several sets of glass drinkware due to constant breakage. If this resonates with you, switch to US Acrylic Classic Acrylic Premium Plastic Tumblers, and you won't count any more losses. While they are made from acrylic, they look nothing like plastic. Offering many superb qualities, these glassed are shatter-proof, durable, and surprisingly clear.

One challenge of using most drinkware on the moves is spillage. With the Maars Bev Stemless Glass Tumbler, that is not an issue. Besides, this double-walled, vacuum insulated tumbler will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a decent length of time. You can also opt to drink from the lid or insert a straw. Besides, the cups come in a range of beautiful powder coating finishes.

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