Best Drinking Glasses TechnoBuffalo 2020

The best drinking glasses are versatile, have weighted bottoms to reduce tips and spills, and are easy to clean. Glass tumblers won't seep unwanted chemicals or taste into your drink while high-quality plastic cups won't shatter when dropped. Clear drinking glasses match nicely with any table setting, but there is a place for colored glasses, too. Here are several of the best drinking glasses sets.

Best drinking glasses: Libbey Impressions Tumbler Drinking Glasses, 16-piece set

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This set of old-fashioned glasses include eight 16.7-oz, and eight 12.5-oz tumblers. The Libbey Impressions drinking glasses feature a heavy-weighted bottom and chip-resistant rim to cut down on the risk of them tipping over and breaking. Made from clear glass, these tumblers are safe to wash in a dishwasher, won't scratch or fog up over time, and work for casual parties or more formal affairs.

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Best plastic tumblers: US Acrylic Premium Classic Tumblers, 8-piece set

This eight-piece set of clear tumblers looks like it is made from glass, but each one is actually made from high-quality clear plastic. This means they're tough to break and the plastic won't get foggy or scratched after multiple washings, even in the dishwasher. You get two sizes of glasses in this set, four 12-oz glasses, and four 16-oz glasses. All glasses are BPA free.

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Best value drinking glasses: Anchor Hocking Rio Large and Small Drinking Glasses, 16-piece set

The Anchor Hocking Rio drinking glasses are great for serving ice tea, or lemonade on a hot day. Each tumbler has a squared bottom and a more squared-shaped sides that give you a more firm grip and reduce the possibility of the glass slipping or tipping over. This glass tumbler set won't warp, fog up or scratch, plus you don't have to worry about chemicals or other tastes tainting your drink.

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Best ribbed drinking glasses: Le'raze Heavy Base Ribbed Drinking Glasses, 16-piece set

This set of drinking glasses features a beautiful ribbed pattern that is on the inside of the glass rather than the outside, so you can keep a hold of the glass without worrying about slipping. The Le'raze drinking glasses are extra heavy at the bottom to prevent tipping and because they are made from glass you don't have to worry about chemicals seeping into your drink, or discoloration over time.

$40 at Amazon

Best highball drinking glasses: Paksh Italian Highball Glasses, 6-piece set

The contemporary design of these Italian highball glasses match most decor and can be easily used for both casual and formal occasions. The cylinder shape make these glasses easy to hold while the weighted bottom keeps them from tipping over too easily, especially when full. The Paksh highball glasses are great for serving alcoholic beverages, juice, ice tea and water.

$25 at Amazon

Best colored drinking glasses: US Acrylic Store Cafe Break-Resistant Assorted Colors

These plastic drinking glasses look just like the tumblers you'd see at your favorite pizzeria or hometown cafe. Each of the 16 glasses hold 20 ounces of drink and come in one of four fun colors. They have a textured look and are break resistant, so they're a good choice for families with small children. The US Acrylic Cafe drinking glasses are BPA free and are safe to wash in a dishwasher.

$20 at Amazon

The final sip on drinking glasses

When choosing drinking glasses, we recommend looking for a set with both larger and small capacities. This lets you serve a variety of beverages without having to serve half-filled glasses for some drink. The Libbey Impressions tumbler set comes with 16 glasses, eight tall and eight smaller-sized tumblers. They won't warp or fog up over time and the weighted bottoms keep them from tipping over and breaking. Because they are made from glass you don't have to worry about chemicals seeping into your drinks, and you can wash them in your dishwasher in between uses.

For families with young children, or if you need something that is completely shatter proof, look at the US Acrylic Premium tumbler set. These glasses look like they are made from glass, but really they are clear, BPA-free plastic that won't break if accidentally dropped. Like the Libbey Impressions, this set comes with both tall and shorter cup sizes, and are dishwasher safe.

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