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What is a drill without drill bits? A hammer, that's what. A good set of drill bits can be the difference between a good job done well, and a set of shelves that last for six days then fall on you. We have spent a lot of time with various sets, even going so far as to talk to contractors to find out what they use. These are the best drill bit sets you can buy right now.

Dewalt Drill Set

Best overall: DEWALT titanium drill bit set

Staff Pick

While these drill bits aren't made for masonry, they are perfect for the jobs you'll need around the house. Most DIY around the house will be drilling into wood or drywall, and these drill bits are perfect for the job. These are the drill bits I use around my home, and they never let me down.

$30 at Amazon
AmazonBasics 100 Piece

Best value for beginners: AmazonBasics drill/driver set

When you are just starting in your own home, there is so much you need to buy to get ready. I recently purchased this drill bit set for a friend moving into their first home. It has bits for wood and masonry, as well as screwdriver bits and even a countersink drill for making things look good. You may want to replace this set has you become more adept, but for a beginner, this is a great place to start.

$37 at Amazon
Dewalt Driver Set

Best for screws: DeWalt multibox driver/drill set

Because almost all of the houses in the US are made of wood, having a good set of drill bits designed for wood is a must. But when you use a lot of wood, you also use a lot of screws. This multi-box set of drill and driver bits from DeWalt has everything you need to build an entire wood house from scratch! OK, maybe not from scratch, but it will undoubtedly do any DIY job you'll need.

$50 at Amazon
Bosch 91 Set

Best for anything you need: Bosch 91 piece driver/drill set

This drill bit set is a cornucopia of fantastic drill bits. Not only does it have screwdriver bits, countersink bits, and titanium bits, it also has a set of masonry drill bits. These allow you to drill into fireplaces and other stonework quickly and easily. It also has a small ratchet screwdriver to help you with handheld projects and a small extendable magnet to help you pick up the screws you lose down the back of the sofa!

$33 at Amazon

Drill down into the job

Having a drill bit set, instead of loose drill bits means you will always find the bit you need. At least, you will if you always remember to put them back. Having a set like this also means you are likely to have the right size bit for the job you have on hand.

My favorite drill bits are the DeWalt Titanium drill bits. They have lasted a good long while now, and are still sharp and accurate. I use them weekly to do DIY projects, and they never fail.

If you are looking to fill your toolbox for any eventuality, then the Bosch 91-piece is the right set. With masonry drill bits and screwdriver bits aplenty, you'll have everything you need for just about any job.

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