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Some of the most fun you can have with your dog involves being outside for walks, hikes, and even a dip in local swimming holes. However, when your dog needs to go, you don't want to leave behind a mess for someone else to find. Bringing along some quality doggy bags let you enjoy time with your furry friend, and ensure you don't leave any unwanted presents behind. These are our picks for the best of the best.

Best overall: Earth rated doggy bags

Staff Pick

When picking doggy bags, you want the best option for you and your dog. Earth Rated doggy bags are a great option, no matter what size of furry friend you have in your home. These bags measure out at 9"x13" and have a leak-proof design. They come in either unscented or lavender and are made from recycled materials. Each bag also features a long design to pick up messes, so you can tie off the bag, and continue your trip!

$11 at Amazon

Best value: AmazonBasics unscented standard dog poop bags with dispenser

If you have multiple dogs or work as a dog walker, you're going to go through a lot of doggy bags. AmazonBasics has a great deal that should not be missed, letting you buy bags in bulk, so you aren't always running to the pet store. You can snag 900 bags and a dispenser and leash clip, for a super affordable price. These bags are leak-proof, and each one measures 9"x13". There are 15 bags to a roll, and 60 rolls, so you'll be set for at least a few months.

$16 at Amazon

Eco friendly: Doggy do good dog waste bags

If you're someone who has been moving away from plastic products, finding eco-friendly doggy bags might be a priority. Doggy Do Good dog waste bags are vegetable-based, compostable, and biodegradable, making them a greener option. They come in packs of 60, 180, or 360 and are nonscented. These bags are extra-thick, leak-proof, and high capacity, making them an excellent choice no matter what size pooch you have.

$10 at Amazon

Extra-large: Planet poop dog waste bags

If you have a larger dog, then they're going to make a bigger mess. The Planet Poop dog waste bags are larger than many other options on the market, making them the perfect choice for folks with larger canines. You get 60 bags in a box, and they are vegetable-based instead of plastic. This means they are compostable and biodegradable so that they won't be adding to landfills! Each bag is 16" long and features gussets on the side to deal with heavy-duty messes. You can also snag this option in packs of up to 200 bags!

$10 at Amazon

Bottom line

Walking your dog is an excellent way to bond with your furry companion, and get some exercise while you do. However, when your dog has to go, you don't want to leave a mess behind. Investing in some doggy bags to bring with you will make sure that's never an issue. Our recommendation for the best option is Earth Rated Doggy Bags. They've got options in scented or lavender bags, are heavy-duty and leak-proof, and they're made from recycled materials!

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