Best dog food TechnoBuffalo 2022

No matter your pup's age or breed, they need proper nutrition to stay active, healthy, and adorable. So how to choose the right food for your good dog? Lucky for Fido, we've taken some of the guesswork out of your decision. Here are some of the dog food brands that come most highly recommended by pet owners and veterinarians.

Taste of the Wild

Wolf-style eats: Taste of the Wild dog food

Staff Pick

Appeal to your dog's wolfish roots with this grain-free blend that comes straight from the wild prairie. Real bison and venison meat are combined with fruits and veggies for a well-balanced dry food that dogs love to eat.

$30 at Amazon
Science Diet Dog Food

Best weight management: Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight dog food

Has Tinkerbell grown a bit thick? If your vet is recommending a weight management program for doggo, Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight food will be just the thing to help them slim down and stay healthy.

$38 at Amazon
Instinct Raw Boost

Raw meat feel: Instinct Raw Boost grain-free dog food

If your doggo loves the taste and texture of raw meats, this is the kibble for them! Instinct Raw Boost includes chunks of raw, USA-sourced beef as well as a range of other whole foods for balanced nutrition. It's grain-free, 100% sourced and made in the USA.

$69 at Amazon
Iams Mature Adult

Best for older dogs: IAMS Proactive Health mature adult dog food

Older dogs often require changes in their general nutrition as they age. Iams provides a vet-recommended, high-protein dry food for mature dogs that supports digestion as well as joint and bone health.

$32 at Amazon
Canidae Pure

Pure and natural: CANIDAE PURE limited ingredient premium dog food

Formulated from pure, all-natural foods, Canidae Pure kibble has only eight ingredients. With this dog food, you don't have to wonder if your pup is getting the best nutrition. With ingredients like salmon, sweet potatoes, and peas (and zero grains, preservatives, or fillers), you know that their diet will be natural and nutritious with Canidae.

$65 at Amazon
Honest Kitchen

Human-grade cuisine: The Honest Kitchen human-grade dog food

Does your dog love human food? Maybe it's time to make their culinary dreams come true! The Honest Kitchen makes delicious food mixes that meet FDA standards for human consumption. In other words, it's as good as human food, and all-natural to boot!

$25 at Amazon

In Summary

Keep your doggo in good health and energy with these top-recommended dog food choices. Our pick is Taste of the Wild dog food because it keeps pups in touch with their wild side, incorporating ingredients like real bison and venison. Since it's also grain-free and well-balanced with meats and vegetables, Taste of the Wild is the right choice all-around for nutrition and quality.

For older doggies, IAMS Proactive Health mature adult dog food supports their aging muscles, bones, and joints, while Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight dog food is best for dogs who need a specialized weight-control diet. No matter what kind of dog you have, there's a perfect food on this list for them!

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