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In this day and age, DJs are incredibly prevalent on the music scene. The art of mixing or blending tracks seamlessly together is an essential part of every DJ's wheelhouse. To mix well, you're going to need an excellent DJ mixer. Whether you're a DJ newbie or a seasoned pro, you're sure to find the best DJ mixer on this list, so you can keep the crowd dancing all night long.

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller

So you want to be a DJ?: Pioneer DJ DJ Controller

Staff Pick

Pioneer has combined the popular features of the DDJ-SB2 with its leading Serato DJ controllers to make learning to DJ more accessible than ever. This mixer is the ideal tool for beginners looking to hone their skills. This 2-channel controller is easy to navigate and features a professional-style layout inspired by Pioneer's top DDJ-S range. You can transition between tracks with ease thanks to the added FX Fade feature and experiment with scratch effects without using turntables via the new Pad Scratch function. You can also use the Performance Pads to add scratch recordings to any mix with the touch of a button.

$237 at Amazon
Numark M6 DJ Mixer

Simple & easy to use: Numark M6 USB 4-Channel DJ Mixer

If you need a simple and easy to use mixer packed with expanded functionality, this is the mixer for you. This is a four-channel DJ mixer that combines switchable phono/line inputs for turntables and CD players, plus, master, booth, record, and headphone outputs. Its plug-and-play USB connection allows you to mix in audio from music-player software and record your sets into virtually any audio recording application. It has three-band EQs on each channel, plus crossfader-reverse and slope controls, giving you all the tools you need to rock the party right.

$199 at Amazon
Hercules DJ Control Compact

Compact & portable: Hercules DJ Control Compact

This DJ controller is portable and extremely compact, making it the perfect "On the go" DJ companion. It features a two-deck DJ controller, two jog wheels, mixer controls, and individual deck controls on the left and right. It has four modes (Loop, FX, Samples, Cue) per deck, four pads per deck, two equalization potentiometers per deck, one volume potentiometer per deck, a crossfader control, and ten control buttons including a Shift command allowing you to double all the pad controls. You can scratch on the jog wheels and also control the pitch and navigation within the tracks. Mix two audio tracks on the fly and save your mixes as audio files with this compact controller.

$70 at Amazon
Numark M2 Mixer

Versatile & feature packed: Numark M2 Black Professional Two-Channel Scratch Mixer

This versatile and feature-packed, two-channel DJ scratch mixer is excellent for any DJ setting. It has two phono/line switchable (RCA), two-line (RCA), and mic (1/4 inch) inputs, master (RCA), record (RCA), and headphone (1/4 inch stereo) outputs. You have mix control over two channels outfitted with a replaceable crossfader, dedicated channel level faders, and reverse and slope controls. You also get three-band EQs on each channel, and its sleek, portable design makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

$99 at Amazon
Rockville DJ Mixer

Budget friendly: Rockville RDJ3BT 2 Channel DJ Mixer

This DJ mixer has built-in Bluetooth and two channels with separate gain, bass, and treble controls. It's made with premium materials and offers exceptionally high-quality sound. It features a sturdy design that promotes lifelong longevity. It has a USB input and LCD display so you can quickly playback MP3 tracks through the mixer, as well as talkover, cue controls, and a switch on the front panel so you can select which inputs you want to use for channels 1 and 2.

$65 at Amazon
Pyle 8-Channel Mixer

Lots of channels: Pyle 8-Channel Bluetooth Studio Audio Mixer

This personal mixer has a USB soundcard and audio interface to record and connect to MAC or PC, as well as universal digital audio file compatibility. It's great for beginners or studio professionals. It has Bluetooth for wireless streaming and as an input to mix signals with other input channels. The wireless range is 15 feet. It caters to multiple device connectivity because it has eight channels: 2 1/4" (R/L) outputs, 4 XLR microphone inputs, two pairs RCA (R/L) inputs, two pairs ¼" mono + stereo, ¼" send + return, and ¼" headphone jack. It has LED indicator lights and rotary adjustment knobs for user convenience, as well as input selection, master volume controls, independent channel balance, and high/low-frequency adjustments.

$145 at Amazon

Mix masters

The art of mixing is about layering two or three tracks together in a way that creates not only a seamless flow but a new piece of music in the process. It's about matching bass lines and layering percussion to build up the vibe or keep up the energy of your set. We know that the art of mixing is an essential component of every DJ's repertoire and that a quality DJ mixer is necessary for seamless mixing.

Mix and perform with the best of them with this carefully curated list of the best DJ mixers. Our favorite is the Pioneer DJ DJ Controller because it's easy to navigate and great for DJs looking to hone their craft. We recommend the Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Controller for all the pros out there looking to take their performances to the next level, or the Pyle 8-Channel Bluetooth Studio Audio Mixer for the DJs that need lots of channels and versatility. Whatever your DJ needs are, we've got the mixer for you on this list so you can rock the party right.

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