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When you invite friends over for a dinner party, there is a lot to think about from food allergies to the menu to ensuring that you have the plates for everyone to eat. If this is your first party, or you don't want to do dishes afterward, then snagging some disposable dinnerware may be a good call. We searched for the best options for everyone. From folks on a budget to those serving dozens of people at once, and these are our favorites.

Feed Everyone: WDF 175pc Silver Dinnerware

Staff Pick

Feeding family and friends when you invite them over for dinner can be a stressful affair. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you have the plates, silverware, and cups to handle all of your guests. WDF delivers a 175 piece set that includes dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, cutlery, cups, and even napkins. You get lovely white plates with a silver ring, and the silverware is full silver. This set includes place settings enough for 25 people to sit down and eat all together.

$35 at Amazon

Add a Pop of Color: Focusline Gold Plastic Dinnerware

Not everybody likes simple white plates, especially when you have company over for dinner. The Focus Line Gold Plastic Dinnerware delivers gorgeous white dishes with a gold grid pattern at the edges. It makes each plate look like it's real china, instead of plastic. If the grid pattern isn't to your liking, this 25 person place setting is also available with a thin gold line at the edges or rose gold edging.

$37 at Amazon

Budget Friendly: Stock Your Home Fancy Disposable Plates with Gold Plastic Silverware

When it comes to disposable dinnerware, the last thing that you want is for your place settings to look cheap, but you also want to stick to your budget. Stock Your Home delivers a 125 piece set of white plates with a classy gold ring, and solid gold cutlery for your next dinner party. These high-quality place settings look like real china, making them an excellent choice for your next dinner party. If gold isn't your favorite, you can also choose from blue, rose gold, silver, or plain white plates.

$27 at Amazon

Eco-Friendly: Chic Leaf Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

The biggest problem with disposable dinnerware is the harm it can do to the environment. If you're looking for an eco-friendly option and don't want to blow your budget out of the water, this Chic Leaf Disposable Palm Leaf plate and cutlery set is an excellent option. It comes with 25 plates and 25 forks. The plates are all made from Areca Palm Leaf while the forks are constructed from wood. They're heavy-duty and capable of holding whatever food you serve, and once you finish with your meal, they can be composted and are fully biodegradable.

$20 at Amazon

A Touch of Class: Stock Your Home 200 Piece Disposable Dinnerware Set

The days when all plastic plates were clear and of shoddy quality are behind us. Stock Your Home delivers lovely white dishes with a decorated rim in this 200 piece set. This includes full place settings for 25 people: dinner plates, dessert plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups, and even napkins. This set comes in six different patterns as well, letting you choose from gold lace, gold marble, silver floral, silver lace, silver marble, and silver swirl. That makes them particularly versatile, so they look good everywhere from the dinner table at home, to more significant events you may be hosting.

$29 at Amazon

Simple and Solid: Occasions Heavyweight Disposable Plates

Sometimes all you want are simple plates to serve dinner on. This Occasions Heavyweight Plastic Dinnerware set comes with 25 dinner plates and 25 salad plates. They're a simple and clean white color, and they give off a classy but straightforward vibe that is perfect for any home. If you prefer something with a bit more panaché, there are twenty different color combinations, and you can pick them up in quantities of up to 240 at a time.

$40 at Amazon

Set the Table

We scoured Amazon to find the best disposable dinnerware options for you. While every option we've suggested here today delivers an excellent experience, the best of the best is the WDF 175pc Dinnerware Set. This option not only has plates it also includes cups, napkins, and silverware. It also has a great understated design and is available in several different color options!

If you're looking for something that is more environmentally friendly, then the Chic Leaf Disposable Palm Leaf Plates and Utensils might be the best option. These plates are made of palm leaves, making them particularly hardy and safe to degrade naturally once you've finished with them.

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