Best Dice TechnoBuffalo 2022

What do you do when just any die won't do? When you need a set of dice that will wow the rest of the table or you need to fill a particular niche, you need to know where to find the best collection of dice to fill that specific role. And, as gamers, aesthetics are always important as well. Here are the ones that we rate the most highly in terms of quality and looks.

Metal Dice

Totally metal: MicoYuan metal dice assortment

Staff Pick

These dice are metal. Literally. Every color of the rainbow is available and in tons of combos. The seven dice you need for D&D are included in this set.

$20 at Amazon
Casino dice

Sharp & fair: Dice Stack casino dice

Not all dice are made equally. Casino dice have to be evenly weighted, so there's not one face that weighs more than any other. This five-dice plastic set meets that hefty standard and includes a dice cup.

$25 at Amazon
Six sets of dice

It's a party: SmartDealsPro six complete D&D dice sets

Want enough dice to start a D&D group, or a lot of dice just for you? These 42 plastic dice will set you up with a dragon's hoard and are enough for six players to each have their own set. Or you can keep them all to yourself; I don't judge. Six dice bags are included.

$11 at Amazon
36 d6 dice

Six shooters: Chessex 36 count d6 set

Do you need a ton of six-sided dice? Chessex delivers with its block of 36 dice. These dice are great for those that play games like Warhammer or other d6 driven games. Or you can use them to class up your game of Risk or Monopoly. The gold pips contrast well with blue, though other colors are available.

$11 at Amazon
55mm d20

Big boy: Koplow 55mm d20

Go big or go home was never so literal. The 20 sided die is the most crucial in many role-playing games, and at 55mm, this solid plastic die is the biggest I've seen.

$12 at Amazon
Foam dice

Foam fun: Learning Resources foam dice

This five dice set is a fun way of introducing your kids to numbers and math through play. They're soft, safe foam, and come with an activity guide for kids five or older. Sadly, it is missing a six-sided die, but those are relatively common to find elsewhere.

$20 at Amazon
Dice Bag

Bag of holding: CardKingPro immense dice bag

There comes a time in every D&D gamer's life when we have more dice than sense. This cloth bag holds 150+ dice in freestanding divided compartments for ease of use. Please note, the dice pictured are not included.

$30 at Amazon

Know your roll

Not all dice are created equal. Luckily, we live in a time when role-playing, board gaming, and wargaming are more prominent than ever before. We're spoiled for choices, and we can get any sort of accessory we need to bring our games to the next level.

Dice are the ultimate gamer accessory. For that reason, we love the MicoYuan metal dice for their heft and for the massive amount of choice we have in color combos. They look and feel premium at a very reasonable price.

As a dad, though, I'm fond of the Learning Resources foam dice set for my little one, who is still too young to work with the smaller dice. They're also tough to lose under a couch or other piece of furniture, as they're much larger than standard dice.

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