Laptop Mag released its findings for its annual Tech Support Showdown and unsurprisingly, Apple took top honors while Acer made a big jump to place number two.

For its testing, Laptop Mag posed as regular customers on calls or through the website in search of solution for basic problems. Each phone support rep was called three times and asked the same questions.

In terms of providing the best tech support, Apple has cornered the market with its Genius Bar but it has also put heavy importance on phone support and proving online resources. Laptop Mag used two main tests to grade tech support: phone and website. Apple scored 56 of 60 for phone call support with an average call time of 6 minutes. For web support, it scored 37 of 40, bringing its aggregate score to 93 out of a possible 100—that highest mark out of any laptop maker.

Apple has also placed high importance in a new arena not associated with customer support: Twitter. It has been responding to customers who tweet at it with problems. Laptop Mag reports one of its questions on Twitter was answered within 6 minutes.

Hot on Apple’s heels was Acer, who made a big jump from last year. The best support for a Windows maker, Acer scored a 50 for web score and 38 for phone score with an average call time of 8:36. That was good for 88 out of 100. This was in large part due to its live chat feature and sleek, useful website with tons of troubleshooting support.

The top five was rounded out by Lenovo (86), Microsoft (82) and HP (80).

Samsung and Asuswerethe two big losers

The biggest loser of the test was Samsung. Not only did it score a putrid 67—40 for web and 27 for phone support—during Laptop Mag’s test, its calls about the Notebook 7 kept getting confused for the Note 7 and rerouted to smartphone support. It’s probably not the best idea for Samsung to keep focusing on its Note 7 debacle, even if it’s accidental.

Asus didn’t do much better. Its score of 72 barely placed it above Samsung. Calls to its phone support yielded 30 minutes of a customer rep not being able to fix a particular issue and 15 minutes of static noise before the call went dead. Not the best use of customer’s time, which explains its poor score.