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Cross stitching is a fun hobby and relaxing pastime that ends with gorgeous images that are easily framed, stitched into pillows or finished in whimsical ways before gifting or displaying them. Even if you end up frogging a few stitches, a good cross stitch pattern will keep you on track and engaged until the last stitch is done. Here are several patterns, both stamped and counted cross stitch, that can be used on any fabric, including linen and evenweave, with most being included in a kit that comes with the floss and needles you need to get started

Best stamped cross stitch pattern: Maydear Full Range Starter KitProductNameTKTKTK

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This country cabin pattern by Maydear includes the floss, pattern, needles, and fabric you need to complete the entire cross stitch image. The fabric has grid lines and the color and symbol that corresponds to the threads stamped directly on it. Once you're finished stitching this pattern, simply wash the finish and the lines and pattern colors will wash away. The final stitch measures 21.7 x 16.5 inches. You can use the working pattern to restitch this pattern using embroidery or counted cross stitch techniques.

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Best quick stitch patterns: Cross Stitch for the Soul

This book holds 20 inspiring quotes made into fun and easy cross stitch patterns.. Each one, designed by Emma Congdon, gives you the symbol and DMC floss number that corresponds to it, along with the final stitch count depending on the type of fabric you choose to stitch on. You can follow each pattern as written or choose different colored floss to make your cross stitch match your room's decor. These quick patterns are small, quick to finish and make great gifts when done.

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Best stocking cross stitch pattern: Dimension Stocking Kit, Polar Pals

Cross-stitched Christmas stockings are a popular decoration item, and with a stocking kit from Dimensions, you can create matching or complimentary stockings for every member of your family. These counted cross stitch stocking kits range from the fun and whimsical, like Polar Pal, to traditional Christmas scenes and vintage santa patterns. Each kit includes the floss, pattern and Aida fabric. You also get the fabric, finishings and instructions for putting your stocking together once the stitching is done.

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Best counted cross stitch pattern: Janlynn Counted Cross Stitch, The Lord's Prayer

This pattern is a counted cross stitch pattern. This is a little more difficult than stamped patterns, but the final result is beautiful and doesn't require you to soak the fabric afterward to remove gridlines. Each Janlynn pattern, including The Lord's Prayer, comes with 14-count Aida cloth, DMC floss, and needles, along with a clearly marked pattern that you can use to restitch on other fabrics. When done this cross stitch pattern measures 5.5 x 10 inches.

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Best cross stitch kit: Awesocraft Birds on the Fence Kit

This Awesocraft cross stitch pattern features a cute chickadee perched on an iron fence and surrounded by bright pink flowers. The kit is a stamped cross stitch design with the pattern on the fabric itself. However, this kit also includes patterns and directions for both counted cross stitch and embroidery stitching for several different finished looks. A 14-count piece of Aida is also included, along with needles and floss. The stamped cross stitch image measures 13.8 x 15.4 inches when finished while the completed counted cross stitch

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Here a stitch, there a stitch

Counted cross stitch and stamped cross stitch are both very popular, as are other stitching methods like embroidery and needlepoint. You want to choose a cross stitch pattern that is easy to follow if it's your first time stitching. Many stitchers start out with a stamped pattern like the Maydear Full Range Starter Kit to learn to read a pattern correctly, avoiding knots in the floss, and keeping stitches even. From there it's easy to move onto counted cross stitch.

Dimensions is one of the most well-known cross stitch pattern designers in the world and is especially known for its Christmas stocking kits. One advantage of Diemnsions patterns is that you can stitch these patterns as counted cross stitch, embroidery and needlepoint on other materials besides Aida clith, including linen, evenweave and canvas.

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