Best Credit Card Multitools TechnoBuffalo 2022

Whether you're a camper, a survivalist, or you just like to have some tools handy, a credit card multitool is a convenient solution. There are a wide variety of tool combos out there. Here are some of the multitools you can keep in your wallet.

Wallet Ninja- 18 in 1 Credit Card Sized Multitool

Best for most: Wallet Ninja - 18-in-1 Credit Card Sized Multitool

Staff Favorite

This is probably what comes to mind when you think credit card multitool. It boasts 18 different functions, and it's flat, literally the size and thickness of a credit card. Made from heat-treated steel, it carries a lifetime guarantee never to rust, bend, or dull.

$12 at Amazon
Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

Trusted name: Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

This venerated company first created the now-iconic Swiss Army Knife in 1897. Now, this tiny credit-card-sized tool includes an LED light, scissors, blade, tweezers, pen, magnifying glass, pin, rulers, and four different screwdrivers: 13 tools in all.

From $31 at Amazon
Keleey Stainless Steel 11 in 1 Card Tool

Buy in bulk: Keleey Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Card Tool

You get ten multitools with protective covers for one low price. Each multitool has a can opener, cutting edge, flat screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, four-position wrench, two-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, water compass, and a keychain hole.

$9 at Amazon
W4W Multi purpose survival Pocket tool - 43 in 1

Good value: W4W Multi purpose survival Pocket tool - 43-in-1

This one packs 43 tools into a true credit card-sized well-priced multitool that weighs in at just an ounce. It includes four screwdrivers, a box cutter/blade, a bottle opener, ruler, can opener, cell phone mount, nail puller, four keys, a protractor, a whole bunch of wrenches, and more.

From $9 at Amazon

Which one should you choose?

A credit card multi-tool certainly won't replace your toolbox, but in a pinch, it's handy to have some tools in your wallet. Which one you select depends on the kinds of tools you think you could use. Keep in mind that these are similar to pocketknives in that you likely won't be able to take them on an airplane.

The Wallet Ninja - 18-in-1 Credit Card Sized Multitool is what probably comes to mind when you think of a credit card multitool. It's literally the size of a credit card and fits neatly in your wallet. Pricing is reasonable for what you get. The 18-tool collection includes a bottle opener, can opener, letter opener, nail pull, cell phone stand (insert a credit card to use,) ruler, fruit peeler, several screwdrivers, and a bunch of wrenches.

If you're looking to spend a little more, I would suggest the Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool. I have fond memories of playing with my dad's Swiss Army Knife when I was a little girl (yeah, my military dad taught me to use knives when I was very young.) I'd pull out a blade and use it to cut food; I loved the little scissors and would use them for my arts and crafts. This tool includes many of the same tools as the original Swiss Army Knife, plus more, in a credit-card-sized package.

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