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With cold weather comes to ice and snow, and that means slippery sidewalks and hiking trails. Whether you're scaling a mountain or want to stroll around the block, these crampons can get you there safely.


Best for walking: Yaktrax Pro

Staff Pick

If you live in a cold-weather state, Yaktrax are a must. Yaktrax Pros have heavyweight rubber straps that slip over any style of shoe or boot. I've used them with hiking boots, running shoes, winter boots, and even casual footwear. The underside stainless steel coils bite into snow and ice and stand up to temps as low as -41 degrees. Whether you're walking on a sidewalk, making your way across an ice-covered parking lot, or hitting a hiking trail, Yaktrax Pros will give you the sure-footing you need to get where you're going.

$20-$28 at Amazon

Best on ice: Unigear Ice Traction Cleats

It's not the snow that makes winter treacherous; it's the ice. For slippery hiking trails and glassy sidewalks and roadways, I swear by Unigear Ice Traction Cleats. There are 18 hardened stainless steel spikes on the underside of these crampons, and each is half an inch in length, so they dig into ice and crusty snow like nothing else. Rubber straps wrap around boots and shoes, and a hook and loop closure over the top of the foot gives you a tight fit. Unigears are ideal for ice fishing, trekking over icy hiking paths, or making your way down hazardous sidewalks.

$26 at Amazon

For mountaineering: Petzl Vasak

Scaling glaciers and going on snow climbs requires serious equipment. Petzl Vasak crampons have 12 long tooth-like points that anchor you to snow and ice without collecting snowballs underfoot, which means you can focus on the job at hand. Perfect for vertical climbing on snow and ice as well as logging miles over difficult terrain, Vasaks are highly regarded for their low pack weight and compatibility with a multitude of footwear styles. Choose between Leverlock or Flexlock bindings to get the right fit for your type of boots and take your adventure to the next level with Petzl.

$190 at Amazon

Best for running: Yaktrax Run

Running on snow and ice calls for a different level of traction than more traditional walking or hiking crampons. Yaktrax Run are equipped with rubber foot frames that slide overall sizes and types of running shoes, plus adjustable straps that latch over the top of the foot. Reflective heels help to keep you safe as does the 360 degrees of traction. You'll get a combo of 3mm carbide steel spikes and stainless steel coils to give you a specialized grip just for runners.

$36-$38 at Amazon

Best for hiking: Hillsound Trail

Well-spaced spaced spikes and heavy-duty chain and rubber moldings are what set Hillsound Trail crampons apart from other hiking models. There are 11 long carbon steel spikes that chomp through thick snow and ice without creating a buildup of snow under your soles. The thick elastomer harness fits most hiking footwear while a strap over the top ensures you get a secure fit. This kit comes with a carry bag so you can tuck these crampons in your backpack and pull them out when needed.

$65 at Amazon

Learn to enjoy winter with crampons

My family swears by Yaktrax Pro crampons during winter months. The rubber straps slide easily over boots and shoes and hold firm during walks on ice and snow. The stainless steel coils that sit on the sole of the foot are well-spaced and give you the traction needed to walk across an icy parking lot or down a snowy hiking trail. For everyday use, Yaktrax Pro are my favorite crampons.

When your wintering takes you to mountaintops and up and down steep terrain, it's Petzl Vasak crampons you want on your feet. With a thin, lightweight frame, long teeth that hold tight to snow and ice, and a choice of bindings that work with your existing footwear, these are the best crampons on the market for serious winter workouts.

Hikers rejoice! Hillsound Trail crampons can take you cross country or up steep inclines safely. Carbon steel spikes are lightweight enough to help you log impressive trail miles while being tough enough to handle anything Mother Nature throws your way.

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