Best Cookie Boxes & Tins TechnoBuffalo 2022

The box or tin you use to store your cookies is super important as it has many uses. Whether you are displaying your homemade goodies, gifting them, or just looking to keep them fresh, you have plenty of options. Check out our favorite boxes and tins that will be sure to get the job done.

Chefible cookie box

Cookie box with window: Chefible Pastry and Cookie Box

Staff Favorite

An attractive yet simple cookie box perfect for displaying your delicious treats. Complete with an easy, pop-up assembly, this cookie box has a crystal clear window and is sturdy enough to transport your yummy baked goods. Set of 20 boxes.

$17 at Amazon
Chilly decorative cookie boxes

Decorative cookie boxes: Chilly Decorative Treat Boxes

Store or gift your favorite cookies in a lovely floral patterned box, complete with a colored ribbon. These beautiful boxes are easily assembled as they are made of one piece, and they will be sure to receive praise. Set of 12 boxes.

$14 at Amazon
Starpack cookie tin

Decorative cookie tins: StarPack Premium Cookie Tins

Stylish stainless steel cookie tins with a pretty design are perfect for gifting your delicious homemade cookies. These tins are made of thicker steel for durability and are 100 percent food grade. This three-pack comes with a small, medium, and large tin.

$22 at Amazon
BagDream Cookie bags

Treat bag with window: BagDream Bakery Bag with Window

A simple, matte paper bag that can be hand decorated and finished with a display window. Fill your bio-degradable, recyclable, and customized bag with your favorite cookies and fold down the top with the tin tie tab lock. These bags will keep your goodies fresh. Set of 50 bags.

$15 at Amazon
MyPresentForYou cookie box

Cookie gift box with bow: MyPresentForYou Colored Boxes with Bows

Gift your cookie or bakery products in style with these simple, yet elegant boxes. Complete with tissue paper and gorgeous bows, these boxes are the perfect way to present your delicious gift. Set of 10.

$18 at Amazon

Box or Tin?

Now that your cookies are baked, cooled, and iced, where should you store them? Keep these yummy treats fresh and beautiful in one of these boxes or tins. You can pick a simple design with a display or a fun, patterned tin or box. Which one will it be?

Our favorite is the Chefible Pastry and Cookie Box as it's the perfect display box and exudes elegance. The bright white color of the box highlights the goodies you store inside. These boxes are super durable and easy to assemble.

If you're looking for a tin, the StarPack Premium Cookie Tins are the best choice. They have an attractive pattern and comes in a set of three different sizes. They are made of durable steel and are 100 percent food grade.

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