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Radar detectors are commonplace across America, and they help countless drivers know what to expect on the roads ahead. Cobra is one of the leading radar detector manufacturers, and its popularity is well earned. If you're the cautious type, who wants to be alerted when speed traps are in place, then invest in one of these Cobra radar detectors.

Rad450 radar detector

Best Overall: Cobra RAD450

Staff Pick

The RAD450 is one of Cobra's most popular radar detectors. With a range of nearly 2 miles on flat ground and a fast response time to catch the instant-on radars, the 450 is excellent at finding those speed traps that appear around a corner with no warning. The false alarm detection is superior as well, helping you separate the noise from the police.

$150 at Amazon
DualPro from Cobra

All around protection: Cobra DualPro 360°

The DualPro has two antennae, one in the front, one in the rear to give you 360 degrees of coverage. It can also be connected to Cobra's app, iRadar, to give you up to the minute information from other iRadar users on the road. The DualPro scans all radar bands and allows you to filter out the false alarms with remarkable accuracy.

$450 at Amazon
It's Iradical

The i means the future!: Cobra iRad Radar/Laser Detector

The iRad from Cobra is specifically designed to work in concert with the iRadar app. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and offers up to date information from your fellow road users. This ensures that you know when and where a speed trap appears. Of course, the whole system has the same false alarm system and excellent radar detection as all of Cobra's best equipment.

$170 at Amazon
Budget friendly radar detection

Best for budget: Cobra ESR800

Budget choice

Budget-friendly options are essential, and Cobra knows that. The ESR800 is a cheap, but powerful radar detector that scans 12 bands commonly used by speed traps. The display is easy to see, and it can even speak to you to make sure you don't miss anything, and like all Cobra detectors, it comes with a window mount for optimal positioning.

$76 at Amazon
The deluxe edition

The all-in-one-option: Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam and Radar Detector

The road scout by Cobra is not your average radar detector. It's an all-in-one solution for you as it includes a high definition dash cam as well. Road scout supplies you with all the bonuses of every other product in this list together in one package. It's pricey, but for the peace of mind of radar detection and personal protection, it may be worth picking one up.

$450 at Amazon
Dash cams keep you safe

Visual security: Cobra dash camera

While not strictly a radar detector, the Cobra dash cam does allow you to connect to the iRadar app, giving you access to the cobra database of speed traps. It also has lane detection, so you will know if you are drifting, and two cameras — one for the rear as well as one for the front — to help give you peace of mind if you are in a collision.

$170 at Amazon

Get an edge

Radar detectors are extremely helpful in your day to day life, whether you are a long haul truck driver or just on the daily commute, so it's worth having one in your vehicle. For my money, I would go with the Cobra RAD450 as it is in that sweet spot of cost, and functionality. The detection is excellent with a vast range, and the false alarms are reduced a lot by the filtering system that can be applied.

If you wanted to try something a little cheaper to start then check out the Cobra ESR800. It covers fewer bands than some of the more expensive ones, and it doesn't have a fancy OLED display, but it does what you need it to do without a fuss. If you do have the money though, and you want the protection of a dashcam as well, then I would buy the Cobra Road Scout. I love that it is an all-in-one solution to protect you from other users on the road, and yourself when a speed trap is near. Plus, it looks futuristic and cool!

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