Best Chess board TechnoBuffalo 2022

You can purchase a chessboard and chess pieces separately. This is especially helpful if you've invested in a unique chess piece set and want to pair it with a unique board for display. Here are several chessboards that can be purchased on their own for casual play, tournament play, or display.

Templeton Rounded Corners Chess Board

Best overall: Templeton Rounded Corners Chess Board

Staff Pick

This wooden chessboard features inlaid pieces made from padauk and maple woods. It is solid weighing close to 5 pounds and is an impressive 19 x 19 inches. The corners are rounded to reduce bruising and cuts if accidentally bumped against. The bottom of the board has four rubber feet to help the board stay put and not slip during gameplay.

$65 from Amazon
Wegiel Handmade Wooden Professional Tournament Chessboard

Best for tournament play: Wegiel Handmade Wooden European Professional Chessboard

The Wegiel chessboard is properly annotated and the proper size to be used in tournament play. The handmade board is inlaid with both mahogany and sycamore wood and finished to seal the wood from dirt and moisture. The craftsmanship is of high enough quality that you can also use this chessboard to display collectable chess piece sets. The bottom of the chessboard has four felt feet that helps keep the board in place.

$50 from Amazon
HPL High Gloss Chess Storage Board Chest

Most ornate chessboard: HPL High Gloss Chess Storage Board

This beautiful chessboard features two storage draws with divided spaces to fit your chess pieces. The chessboard is decorated with cherry and burlwood laminate and is really sturdy. Alone it weighs over 15 pounds. It has a shiny,high-gloss finish that protects the entire board while giving it a stunning clean, polished look. It isn't a tournament regulation board, but it will enhance any collectors chess pieces you want to display.

$200 from Amazon
Andux Chess Game Rollaable Chessboard

Best value chessboard: Andux Chess Game Rollable Chessboard

The Andux chessboard is made of sturdy vinyl, so it can be rolled up and easily transported to various chess game and club locations. It lays flat and doesn't tear or crease easily. This chessboard is annotated correctly with algebraic notations and measures 13 x 13 inches. Both of these meet tournament play regulations.

$9 from Amazon
ZCQS Square Chess Set Magnet

Best chessboard with pieces: ZCQS Chess Set Magnetic

This chess set features magnetic playing pieces and a board that folds up when not in use. The pieces can be kept inside the folded board or they will stay stuck in place because of the magnets. The chessboard has the notations found on official tournament boards, but because this boad is much smaller it can't be used in regulation play. But it is a great beginner's board for those just learning about the game.

$20 from Amazon
Teewal Chess Board Silicone Resin Mold

Best DIY chessboard: TEEWAL Chess Board Silicone Resin Mold

This silicone mold is made so you can create your own chessboard. It is made to work with resin and because it is flexible allows the finish chessboard to pop out without the need for sharp tools. Using this mold you can color the resin in any color and make a traditional black and white checkered board, or use more fun colors to make a chessboard that represents your school colors or favorite sports team.

$18 from Amazon

Get one for the team, Mate

If you're looking for a chess board to play casual games, then the one from Templeton will work out nicely. It made from wood and features rounded corners. It isn't annotated, so it can't be used in regulation play, but it will fit tournament-sized pieces. It also works well if you're simply displaying pieces, though for something a little more ornate, check out the HPL chessboard. Made from cherry and burlwood wood laminate it features a high-gloss finish and two storage draws on either side. It's a bit bigger than tournament boards, so it will hold larger chess pieces.

If you're looking for a chess board you can use in tournament play, our favorite is the handmade mahogany and sycamore wooden board by Wegiel. It is beautifully finished and features algebraic notations for keeping logs of your moves and scores. Another option is the vinyl Andux chessboard. This board rolls up and is easier to transport to chess tournaments and clubs. It doesn't tear or crease very easily and still meets the size and annotation requirements for official gameplay.

Don't like any of the chessboards available? Make your own! The chessboard mold set from TEEWAL lets you use resin and any color you want to make a truly one-of-a-kind chessboard. You don't need sharp tools because the silicone mold doesn't stick to the resin.

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