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Some chess enthusiasts display ornate chess sets or collect limited editions. Other's need a tournament set for regulation play. Whether you're just learning the game, a professional looking for another good game, or even a Trekkie interested in a three-dimensional set, we thought about a chess set that may fit your style. Here are our suggestions.

Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set

Best overall: Chess Armory 15" Wooden Chess Set

Staff Pick

This beautiful chess set features walnut inlays and wood crafted chess pieces that are delicate while still being large enough for children to hold on to. The 15-inch board folds up to become a storage case that is lined with felt inside and with security straps to keep each piece in its place. The bottom of each playing piece also has felt secured to it to help it glide across the board without causing scratches or marks.

$29 from Amazon
Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Best themed chess set: Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set by The Noble Collection

This fun chess set features the beloved wizarding chess pieces featured in the beloved movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The pieces range between 2 and 4 inches high while the chessboard features designs found on a traditional wizarding game board. This set comes with two drawstring pouches, one black and one white, to hold the pieces together. These bags along with the folded board fit inside the game box.

$35 from Amazon
Wegiel Handmade European Ambassador Chess Set

Best deluxe chess set: Wegiel Handmade Ambassador Chess Set

This handmade wooden chess set features a beech and birch wood board and carved hornbeam and sycamore playing pieces. The pieces have impressive detail while the chessboard is designed with intricacies on the top and along the edges. The board folds up to become a storage case with a metal clasp closure and a lined area with storage space that fit each individual piece.

$62 from Amazon
Quadpro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Best travel chess set: QuadPro Magnetic Chess Set

The chessboard of this set is just under 10-inches and has a metal top. The playing pieces are made from plastic, but the bottom is fixed with a lightweight magnet that keeps them in place on the chessboard without too much resistance. This makes it easy to move the pieces without worrying about them coming loose and becoming lost. The board folds up into a carrying case and all the pieces fit inside with the case closing tightly.

$16 from Amazon
Avant Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set

Best glass chess set: Avant Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set

Each playing piece of this chess set is made from frosted glass and is large and beautiful to showcase instead of pack away after each use. Because they are made from glass each one is smooth. The matching glass chess board is shined to look like glass with frosted alternating squares to pull the entire set together. The board is 15-inches long and features felt feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding as you play.

$34 from Amazon
Bulbhead Battle White House Collector Chess Set

Best collector's set: BulbHead Battle for the White House 2020 Collector's Edition

This fun set features the political figures and parties of the 2020 U.S. Elections. The pawns are represented by each party's mascot while the king, queen, and rooks are represented by 2020 candidates and past presidents. Other political figures include Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate President Mitch McConnell. The set comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

$18 from Amazon
Strato Chess

Best three dimensional chess set: Strato Chess

Three-dimensional chess was made popular by the television series, Star Trek. The three chess boards mount to a stainless steel frame and include instructions on how to play this strategic game. Each playing piece has a felt bottom to make it easier to slide them across the boards. Strato Chess is a must-have for any Trekkie.

$37 from Amazon

Don't make a rook-ie mistake: Our suggestions on chess sets

A chess set is a fun and thoughtful gift for yourself or someone else. If you're just learning about the game, the Pressman is a simple set to start with and learn if it grows into something more serious. If you know you love the game and play it often, then look at the Chess Armory set. It is made from wood and has an ornate and beautiful finish that looks intriguing as a decor piece in your home.

If you'd like a collector's piece, both the BulbHead Battle for the White House 2020 Edition and the Wizard's Chess set from the Harry Potter franchise and two that should be added to your collection.

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