Best Chess Pieces TechnoBuffalo 2022

If you are a tournament chess player it's helpful to have your own set of regulation chess pieces that you are familiar with. Or, as careful as you may be, chess pieces get lost, dropped, and accidentally damaged. In either case, it is a good idea to grab a few extra pieces, or a set of pieces so you are always ready to play. Most tournament chess sets include two queens of each color, but extra knights, bishops, rooks, and kings aren't bad to have on hand, too. Here are some good chess pieces.

Asney Tournament Wooden Chess Pieces

Best overall: ASNEY Tournament Wooden Chess Pieces

These beautifully carved pieces meet official tournament requirements for weight, height, and design. They can also be used for casual play on chess boards between 12-inches and 17-inches. Each piece is in perfect proportion to the others and is padded on the bottom to make it easier to slide across the board and to avoid scratches as you play. The ASNEY chess pieces come with two complete sets - one black, one white.

$15 from Amazon
WE Games Plastic Staunton Tournament Chess Pieces

Best value chess pieces: WE Games Plastic Staunton Tournament Chess Pieces

Meeting Staunton tournament play regulations, this piece set by WE Games includes a full black and white chess piece set, plus an additional queen in each color, for a total of 34 pieces. It comes with a convenient zippered storage bag that is water-resistant and easy to wipe clean, just like the chess pieces. Each of these chess pieces has a padded bottom that keeps them from scratching the game board during play.

$15 from Amazon
Wegiel Handmade European Professional Touranment Chess Peices

Best tournament chess pieces: Wegiel Handmade European Professional Tournament Chess Pieces with Storage Box

Staff Pick

This chess piece set is a great gift for serious chess players. Inside the beautiful wooden storage box is a complete white and black chess piece set. Each wooden piece is handmade and is proportion to the other pieces within the set. Both the storage box and the playing pieces are made from birch wood, They meet tournament play regulations but are also beautiful enough to be displayed in your home.

$28 from Amazon
Radicaln Marble Chess Pieces

Best for large chessboards: Radicaln Marble Big Board Game Chess Figures

The chess figurines of this set are made from onyx marble and polished until smooth and shiny. The pieces are large and will work with chess boards that are between 16 inches and 20 inches. This set comes with 32 pieces, one full set in each of the two playing colors. The bottoms are padded to keep the chessboard from getting scratched and to help the piece glide more smoothly across the board.

$49 from Amazon
HPL Alice Wonderland Fantasy Chess Men Set

Best themed chess pieces: HPL Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Chess Men Set

This fun 32-piece chess set features the memorable characters of Lewis Carroll's story, Alice in Wonderland. From the Queen of Heart to the White Rabbit, each piece features exquisite detail and fine, handpainted colorwork. The pieces are made from quality resin and have felt on the bottom to protect the board and the piece during play. This set can be used for casual chess play and would look nice displayed with a chessboard of your choice.

$90 from Amazon
Neptune Silver Bronze Metal Chess Pieces

Best metal chess pieces: Neptune Silver and Bronze Metal Chess Pieces

Each chess piece of this set is made from metal - silver for the white pieces and bronze for the black. The bottoms of the pieces are thickly padded and each one weighs more than beginning or tournament play pieces. The inside of the pieces is hollow to allow additional weight to be added. This set comes with an extra queen in each color for a total of 34 playing pieces.

$70 from Amazon
MegaChess Giant Oversized Premium Chess Pieces

Best yard chess pieces: MegaChess Giant Oversized Premium Chess Piece

These pieces are huge with the largest pieces standing over 3 feet tall and the smallest over 2 feet. This set is fun to play with family and friends outside on a patio or yard with a permanently built chessboard or an impromptu one. They can also be used inside. The pieces are made from durable plastic that will withstand even harsh climate conditions without fading or cracking.

$900 from Amazon

What's your Opening Repertoire?

Whether you open with the Sicilian Defense or the Queen's Gambit, it's always a good move to have a few extra chess pieces ready to take the board. Both the ASNEY and WE Games chess sets meet Staunton tournament play regulation. But we love the official tournament set by Wegiel. This wooden set is made by hand from birch wood and includes a storage case that keeps your pieces upright as you transport them.

If you are more of a casual player, the HPL Alice in Wonderland pieces are a fun addition to your chessboard. Made from resin and hand-painted each piece features a recognizable character from the classic book. These make a great conversational piece if you choose to display your chess set instead of playing.

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