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Once upon a time, it wasn't uncommon for chess players to take a painstaking long time in between moves in an attempt to force an opponent to forfeit the game rather than play to the end to declare a winner. Chess clocks are now used, especially in tournament play, to ensure the game is paced, keeps players in check, and ensures a quick end. Here are some of the top chess clocks that work for rapid game play and meet requirements to be used in official chess events.

Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Chess Clock

Best overall:: Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Chess Clock & Game Timer with Bonus and Delay

Staff Pick

This chess clock features dual digital clocks with a rocking button system to stop, start or delay game play. The front set up buttons make it easy to set two different timers and reset time when needed. The Wholesale Chess Basic Digital Chess Clock can be used in chess where bonus time may be added to players' times depending on their previous moves. This is done automatically, so officials or players don't need to keep track of bonus times on their own.

$19 from Amazon
Leap Master Tournament Analog Chess Clock Timer

Best analog chess timer: LEAP Master Tournament Analog Chess Clock Timer

The LEAP Master chess clock and timer is good for both home and chess event play. Each player has a separate button to press to start and stop the time. These are large and easy to press quickly during intense game play. The analog clock face is clearly defined, and the alarm is loud the time runs out. There is a separate setting for tournament play, and it is possible to pause both clocks for mutually agreed breaks. For an analog clock, this chess timer is easy to set up. It may be more challenging if you are only used to digital clocks.

$25 from Amazon
DGT North American Chess Clock

Best digital chess clock: DGT North America Chess Clock

The DGT chess clock and timer lets you pre-set several days of matches, so you don't have to worry about resetting it after every match. It also has several timer settings already set depending on the game you're playing. These include bonus time plays, guillotine time, and tournament play. Each player controls their side of the chess clock with a rocking-style button. Because this is a digital timer it is easy to see at a glance how much time you've spent on a move, which is good for keeping track of your progress, and how much time if left.

$50 from Amazon
fayle Professional Chess Clock

Best professional chess clock: fayle Professional Chess Clock, International Timer

This chess clock can be used in tournament play, including at international events. This chess timer features two analog clocks that will count up or down. They are controlled individually, with each player having their button to press to stop or start game play. This chess timer is lightweight - under a pound - and is only about 12 inches long, making it easy to transport to various chess events. When time is up, the alarm of this timer is loud, so all players know when the game has ended.

$25 from Amazon
DGT 960 Travel Chess Clock

Best travel chess timer: DGT 960 Chess Clock

The DGT 960 chess clock is made for travel. It folds up with the dual digital clocks in the lid and the timer buttons on the bottom. The digital clock faces are clear and show large numbers for the time. The stop, start and delay buttons are separate from each other, plus there are digital control settings that make it easy to set the timer, add or subtract time, or choose a pre-set game timer. You can add bonus time or delay the timer during any needed breaks. You can choose to have the alarm sound when time is up, or turn it off completely.

$35 from Amazon

Don't run out of time

A chess clock is required for all tournament play and many other chess club and gaming events. They help you keep track of your moves and keep overall game play times down. The best for both home and official chess game events is the Wholesale Chess Basic Chess Clock. It strikes a good balance between efficiency and overall value. It gives you the option to add bonus time or delay the game if needed. Each player has their button to stop or start game play, while the digital clock faces are easy to read.

For something more traditional, see the LEAP Master Tournament chess timer. This analog clock has separate control buttons rather than a rocking-style button. This makes it easier to quickly stop your time without accidentally pressing the other player's side. Though it isn't digital, it is still possible to set this chess clock for official tournament play, add bonus time and delay game play.

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