Best Chargers for your AirPods 2 TechnoBuffalo 2022

Now that the AirPods 2 are official, Apple users now have access to some wireless charging. That opens up the number of charges you can possibly get for your Apple earbuds. Whether you want to go completely wireless or still use the Lightning port, these chargers are the best to charge your AirPods.

Enter the wireless future: Anker Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger

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Now that AirPods can be charged wirelessly, you're going to need a good and reliable wireless charger. Cue up the Anker Wireless Charger, a fantastic charger that is both minimal and priced accordingly. It uses the Qi standard, which is how you charge the new AirPods, and it has a LED indicator that lets you know when a device is charging.

$16 at Amazon

A small powerful charger: Mophie Charge Stream Mini

Mophie's Charge Stream Mini wireless charger is meant to deliver a compact experience perfect for charging, whether you're at the house or traveling. Unlike other wireless chargers, its boxy look makes it stand out from the standard circular design.

$17 at Amazon

Stand up your AirPods: Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger

You can place your AirPods on a flat charger and they'll work just fine, or you can prop them up with a standing wireless charger. Samsung's Fast Charge Wireless Charger is the perfect option with its slanted design, which will prop them up and charge them accordingly. Plus, if you have Samsung products, you now have an extra charger.

$35 at Amazon

To the boost: Belkin Boost Up Charger

Another must-have wireless charger for the AirPods 2 is the Belkin Boost Up Charger. With a slim profile, the charger stands flat and can charge up to 5W wirelessly, perfect for the capacity intake of the AirPods case. It also has a convenient green LED light on the side that lets you know when a phone or accessory is charging, and comes with a three-year warranty.

$23 at Amazon

Fast power: RAVPower Fast Wireless ChargerFast power

Talking about wireless charger, RAVEPower makes a pretty great one of its own with the Fast Wireless Charger. It is one of the highest rated chargers on Amazon with overwhelming reviews, so you can rest assured that almost everybody that has purchased this charger has come away very impressed with its features.

$30 at Amazon

Charge up: Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

Mophie is the authority in charging accessories, so it should come as no surprise that it makes multiple fantastic wireless charger that will pair nicely with AirPods 2. The Charge Stream Pad, is a slim and flat design is tailor-made to charge up the small and light case of the AirPods. Plus its minimalist aesthetic, particularly with the white option, perfectly matches the little white AirPods case.

$60 at Amazon

Double the charge: Moretek Charging Stand Holder

Not about that wireless life? No worries. The Moretek Charging Stand Holder will charge your AirPods in style. It's a stand that'll also charge both your AirPods and Apple Watch if you happen to own one. Just slip in the Lightning cord underneath, plop your AirPods on top, and they'll begin charging.

$11 at Amazon

A first-party classic: Apple iPhone Lightning Dock

The Apple iPhone Lightning Dock was originally just meant for the iPhone, but it works just as well with your AirPods. The dock is made of Apple's typical high-grade aluminum and the Lightning connector perfectly fits the AirPods.

$35 at Amazon

On-the-go charging: Mophie Encore Portable Power Bank

There's a good chance that your AirPods will go wherever you go, so you'll need some charge on the go as well. Mophie makes that super easy with its Encore Portable Power Bank. The 10,050mAh battery pack has a built-in Lightning cable that will charge your AirPods, even when you're not near a wall plug.

$28 at Amazon

Go truly wireless

The best part of the new AirPods is their wireless charging ability. Therefore, if you want to buy a charger for Apple's newest wireless earphones, go with a wireless charger that takes full advantages of its major upgrade. Our favorite wireless charger is the Anker Ultra Slim Wireless Charger.

With is slim and flat design, you can drop your AirPods on it and not worry about the contact points aligning properly. Just drop them in the middle where the Anker logo lives and they'll begin charging with needing to plug in any wires. The LED light to the left side of the charger lets you know when they are charging and when the process is complete.

Better yet, Anker's wireless charger doesn't cost a fortune at just $16. That's an easy way to eliminate a wire from your life.

For as fun as wireless charging is, it does have one downside: it's not portable. On the go, you'll have to make do with wires and the Mophie Encore Portable Power Bank has a built-in Lightning cable that will top off your AirPods so you can continue listening to some tunes or podcasts.

If you also own an iPhone that supports wireless charging, check out the Best Wireless Chargers for the iPhone.

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