Best Ceramic Knives TechnoBuffalo 2020

There are many reasons to choose ceramic knives over stainless steel ones. They are incredibly sharp, and they stay sharp for much longer than steel. They never rust either, so they will always look fresh and new. We've gathered some of the very best ceramic knives to suit all budgets to make your decision making easier.

Best Overall: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution

Staff Pick

The Kyocera revolution is a beautiful knife. Made from Kyocera's blend, this knife will stay sharp for years. It's light too, making it easy to wield as you slice through boneless meats, vegetables and fruits, and herbs and spices with ease. The blade is erosion-proof, so high acid foods or water won't make it rust, and it won't make your food brown at the edges.

$35 at Amazon

Collection of perfection: Kikusumi 3-Piece Chef Knife

Looking for gifts is never easy, but if you have a budding chef in the family or someone who loves to cook that this beautifully boxed knife set from Kikusumi is perfect. The price is just right for a set of three knives, and each blade has a job all of its own.

$68 at Amazon

Tactical meat cutting: Kitchen NANO ceramic steak Knives

Steak knives are a dime a dozen, but none look quite as cool as these. With the matte black handle and the black ceramic blade, these steak knives look like they belong in a ninja's hand as much as they do on a table.

$23 at Amazon

A colorful combo pack: TAKIUP Ceramic Knife Set

Not all kitchens are dark and shrouded in mystery. Some are light, bright, and colorful. This ceramic knife set is made to brighten any kitchen. The set even comes with a handy vegetable peeler in the same fun color scheme as the rest of the collection.

$26 at Amazon

A package deal: VOOV Professional 5 Piece Pure Ceramic Knife Set

Not everyone has room in their draws for a set of knives. The Voov five-piece ceramic set comes with a modern-looking knife block and a free chopping board. OK, the chopping board doesn't look that great, but it's free, and the knives are excellent.

$50 at Amazon

What other knives wish they could be: Kyocera KTN-180-HIP Advanced

One day we who consider ourselves "pretty good cooks" will want to upgrade our knives. When I reach that day, this is the knife I will want to own. The Damascus style pattern on the blade and the gorgeous wooden handle make it look premium, and the Kyocera ceramic is fantastic. Treat yourself; you're worth it.

$250 at Amazon

Let's cut to the chase

Puns aside, it's essential to have sharp knives in any kitchen, but sharpening them can be a real bore. These ceramic knives are specially designed to make the number of times you have to grind them considerably less. I love the Kyocera Revolution for its lightness and constant ability to cut whatever you need, for as long as you need.

If you need more than one knife, though, go for the Voov five-piece set. Not only do the blades look good, they come in a beautiful, minimalist knife block that will look amazing in any home. Having multiple knives to choose from makes cooking much more manageable.

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