Best Cases for the Pixel 3a XL TechnoBuffalo 2022

Google bucked tradition and introduced the Pixel 3a XL, its new plus-size mid-tier phone. Through it makes some concessions, it still carries on the great Pixel legacy, and like all phones, you'll still want to protect it. We've selected the best cases to protect the Pixel 3a XL.

Dual protection: Idea Line Slim Case

Staff Favorite

The Idea Line Slim Case is made of a soft shock-absorbing rubber bumper and provides a fully encased protection while the clear back still shows off the phone. The dual-tone looks super stylish while still protecting your phone from unwanted dings and scratches. It also has precise buttons for the volume and power buttons.

$15 at Amazon

Light and durable: Vinve Carbon Fiber Case

Vinve's Carbon Fiber Case is one of the strongest and lightest cases you can buy. The dual-tone case offers complete protection for the Pixel 3a XL without adding too much bulk. The back has a wire drawing pattern that makes it easy to hold in the hand and the precise camera and fingerprint scanner cutout provide easy access for the latter.

$7 at Amazon

Crystal clear protection: Avidet Clear Case

Avidet's Clear Case lets you show off that brand new Pixel 3a XL of yours. It's made of crystal clear TPU material that shows off the phone's design while being flexible, absorbing drops and dings from everyday use. The case will hold up great over its lifespan with a scratch-resistant back that won't wear down over time.

$9 at Amazon

Slim and thin: Ornarto Slim Hard Case

The Pixel 3a XL is, as the name says, a larger phone and you might not want to add extra bulk. The Ornate Slim Hard Case is not one of those cases. In fact, it only adds 0.7mm of extra thickness, still delivering great protection through the hard case that covers all four major corners that deliver the most damage on drops. It's available in five colors including pink.

$12 at Amazon

Peach blossom: Vinve Peach Blossom Case

Vinve shakes up the mundaneness of smartphone cases with its Peach Blossom Case for the Pixel 3a XL. This case is made of an ultra-clear polycarbonate material that provides the strength and rigidity for the best protection. However, it's outlined with a unique flower design, with peach blossoms adorning the back of the case.

$9 at Amazon

Covers your corners: Ornarto Bumper Case

Ornarto shows up again on our list because it is killing the case game right now. Its Bumper Case is the right mix of protection and style. On the protection side, the flexible TPU case is aided by reinforced corners. On the style side, it comes in clear and space gray colors that will still let you show off your new phone.

$11 at Amazon

Keep that Pixel 3a XL looking beautiful

Google surprised us all with the announcement of the Pixel 3a XL, its new plus-size mid-tier phone that aims to deliver the Pixel experience to a whole new range of people. That's exactly what it does with its unique hardware, streamlined software, and high-end camera performance. You're going to want to keep it protected and we've found the best cases for the job.

The Idea Line Slim Case is our staff favorite for what it delivers. Its dual-tone finish combines a stealthy black bumper and a clear back that still allows you to show off the phone. Throw in other details like the flush power and volume buttons, and this case becomes a must-buy.

You also won't go wrong with the Vinve Carbon Fiber Case. The carbon fiber material makes it super strong and light, making it a perfect protector for your phone.

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