Best Cases for the Pixel 3a TechnoBuffalo 2022

The Pixel 3a is Google's newest mid-range and compact size smartphone. It delivers everything we love about the Pixel line, including a great software experience and unique hardware changes. Though it is not primarily made of glass, that doesn't mean it'll survive an unforeseen drop. A good case will ensure it does. Here are the best cases for the Pixel 3a.

Going clear: TopACE Silicone Cover

Staff Favorite

In protecting your smartphone with a case, the one thing people hate to do is cover up their fancy new phone. Here's where the TopACE Silicone Cover comes into play with its crystal-clear finish that ensures you can show off that brand new phone of yours. It's made of a shock-absorbing TPU material that will withstand all kinds of impact that may come to your phone.

$8 at Amazon

Carbon fiber protection: Vinve Carbon Fiber Case

One of the best materials for protection is carbon fiber because it's strong, durable, and super light. The Vinve Carbon Fiber Case is made of that material, which means it'll easily protect your Pixel 3a while only adding a subtle amount of weight. Additional details like the wire drawing pattern add texture to make it easier to hold the phone.

$7 at Amazon

Minimal and sleek: TopACE Slim Case

TopACE makes its second appearance on this list with its Slim Case for the Pixel 3a. The name says it all with this case, which is super thin but delivers top-notch protection. It covers all four major corners that are the major culprits for cracked screens all in a thin body that only adds 0.33mm of thickness. This also ensures the camera will avoid unsightly scratches.

$8 at Amazon

Flower power: Osophter Flower Case

Smartphone cases can get very mundane and totalitarian, which is why the Osophter Flower Case is such a breath of fresh air. Its unique flower patterns add a flair of style to the Pixel 3a that most cases fail to deliver. Beyond that, it also has precise cut-outs for the volume and power buttons, camera, and the fingerprint scanner on the back.

$9 at Amazon

Shock protection: Avidet Rubber Gel Case

The Avidet Pixel 3a Gel Case is one of the best cases you can buy for your new phone. Made of a strong and flexible quality thermoplastic urethane, the rubber gel case can contort and bend as you will, yet it will always go back to its original form and protect your phone. It provides full-body protection, completely encasing the phone, but it also has precise buttons for the power and volume buttons.

$8 at Amazon

Wallet in a case: Janmitta Wallet Case

The dual function of a wallet case has never ceased to be handy. Instead of carrying separate items, you can combine them into one. This Janmitta Wallet Case delivers on the principals of a great wallet case. The flip out cover provides three cards slots and a compartment for cash while the case itself is made of a stylish leather that will only get better with age.

$10 at Amazon

Protect your Pixel 3a

You are now ready to keep your brand new Pixel 3a looking pristine and perfect for the long run. Even though it is made out of a polycarbonate material, it still has a glass display that will shatter easily upon a drop, and plastic is quite easy to ding up permanently. Which is where a good case comes in handy, of which we've selected a good amount for you.

Our staff favorite is the TopACE Silicone Case. Its clear material will still let you show off your Pixel 3a, especially in the Clearly White and Purple-ish finishes that truly pop. Besides looks, the flexible TPU material it is made of will deliver shock-absorbing protection from the minor digs in your pocket to more serious drops.

Another great option is the Vinve Carbon Fiber Case. The carbon fiber material it is made of is light and strong, ensuring the case only adds minimal bulk while still providing protection for your phone.

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