Best cases for the iPad Air 3 TechnoBuffalo 2021

Apple threw us a curveball when it brought back the iPad Air from the dead, and seriously improved it. Now it's a power machine, and you're going to want to keep it protected. Here are our picks for the best cases for the iPad Air 3. As a heads up, the new iPad Air 3 has the exact same dimensions as the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, so the case will fit perfectly.

Slim and maximum protection: JETech Case

Staff favorite

The best case you can buy to protect your new iPad Air 3 is JETech's Case, which offers protection with a slim profile. It's the perfect combination that doesn't add unnecessary bulk. The slim and tight case hugs the iPad body while the Smart Cover, that automatically unlocks the display, covers the display for all-around protection.

$8at Amazon

All the protection: ProCase Smart Case with Cover

Looking to protect your new iPad Air, look no further than the ProCase Smart Case with Cover. This gets you a translucent frosted sheet that protects the iPad Air while the soft cover protects the display. It's available in twelve different color options that will match perfectly with whichever model you decide to purchase.

$13 at Amazon

Versatile durability: Incase Book Jacket Revolution Case

Incase makes some of the best cases around the its Book Jacket Revolution Case for the iPad Air continues to carry on its impressive legacy. It offers the protection of its Tensaerlite material lining the end and it offers versatility with its stand that maneuvers to just about any angle you want.

$60 at Amazon

Protect with a hint of luxury: Ztotop Leather Slim Case

Protecting your new iPad Air 3 is a given, but how about doing so with some style. Ztotop's Leather Slim Case does that with its protective cover made of premium leather that looks as good as it feels.

$17 at Amazon

Rugged and durable: Otterbox Defender Series Case TKTKTKTK

If all your looking for is protection, the there is only one case that fits the bill: Otterbox Defender Series Case. With a triple-layer of defense—inner shell, outer cover and touch screen protector—you can throw your new iPad Air 3 around and nothing will happen to it.

$55 at Amazon

An old standby: Speck Folio Case

An old standby for cases is Speck, who has been in the game for a over a decade, so its Folio Case for the iPad Air will definitely deliver. Made to protect your new iPad with falls of up to four feet, this case is tough yet it looks great. It covers every corner seamless while offering a unique look.

$18 at Amazon

Those are you best bets to protect your new iPad Air 3. Our favorite is the JETech Case, that offers a lot of sleek protection while not breaking the bank, but if you want to spend a little extra, the Incase Book Jacket Revolution Case is as awesome as its name suggests.

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