Best cases for the Huawei P30 Pro TechnoBuffalo 2022

The Huawei P30 Pro is the latest flagship Android device to feature a premium all-glass design. It looks absolutely beautiful, but it is also absolutely fragile. That's where a good case comes into play, so you can keep your brand new phone protected from unexpected drops. Here are our picks for the best cases for the Huawei P30 Pro.

Show it off: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Staff Favorite

Did you get the P30 Pro is one of its stunning color finishes and don't want to cover it up? Enter the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case that shows off the beauty of your brand new phone. The form-fitting case is made of a soft but strong TPU material that keeps your phone lightweight and will protect it from drops. It also has reinforced buttons for easy access to the volume and power button.

$12 at Amazon

A mix of protection: Olixar Bumper Case

Olixar's Bumper Case is a best of both worlds for the P30 Pro. Let's start with the protection because it will do that with its flexible polycarbonate frame, which absorbs shock all the while providing extra grip. What is unique about the case is the clear back that shows off the color of your phone. It's an industrial look that serves both function and aesthetic.

$13 at Amazon

Ultra slim: MaKo Style Fit Case

Want to go with a slim profile? The MaKo Style Fit Case is perfect for your desired look. It is ultra slim, adding only the required bulk necessary to protect your phone. However, it still looks super slick with its textured finish that looks like carbon fiber. Its design also has some other nifty tricks like heat dissipation that should help with keeping your phone cool.

$8 at Amazon

Perfect fit: Huawei Silicone Case

You may or may not know it, but Huawei makes some nice first-party cases for its smartphones, including a Silicone Case for the P30 Pro that fits like a glove. It is made out of a soft silicone material that provides a comfortable and grippy feel that makes one-hand use of the phone super easy.

$26 at Amazon

Go rugged: Taiaiping Rugged Cover Case

The Taiaiping Body Defender Case will deliver on the rugged nature you seek for. Designed for maximum protection, it's made of a shock absorbing TPU cover with a strong polycarbonate shell that will rebound unexpected bursts of shocks like the ones from unexpected drops.

$9 at Amazon

Cover it up: DDJ Flip Cover Case

The DDJ Flip Cover Case provides something different, and that is usefulness. Not only is it a standard case that will protect your phone from everyday usage, but it also doubles as a wallet to store all your cards and cash. Available in three distinct colors — black, blue and gray — the Cover Case looks slim and sleek in its leather finish.

$13 at Amazon

Hybrid protection: Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen makes another appearance on this list with its Neo Hybrid Case. This case delivers on various levels, including a refined finish with a textured back and precise cutouts for the display and camera. On top of that, it also has a shock-absorbing frame with a polycarbonate shell that will protect your phone.

$16 at Amazon

Leather option: Olixar Leather Back Case

There's just something special about using a leather case. The best leather case for the P30 Pro comes from Olixar, who makes some pretty fantastic cases. This particular one has a TPU body that is retrofitted with a leather panel on the back that gives it a very premium look that'll stand out from among the crowd.

$13 at Amazon

Soft to the touch: Orzero Liquid Silicone Case

The Orzero Liquid Silicone Case is another great option for those wanting a protective but usable case. That's a fine balance there and this case offers that with a soft silicone finish that can take the everyday punishment smartphones go on from your bed stand to your pocket. It is available in three colors: Navy, Black, and Pink.

$10 at Amazon

Keep your P30 Pro protection

Your Huawei P30 Pro is now ready to take on the world and snap some amazing pictures with the amazing four-camera system without worrying it might slip out of your hand. Whichever case you decide to go with, it'll dutifully protect your phone from the rigors of life and that'll give you peace of mind.

Our favorite is the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case as it protects the P30 Pro without sacrificing its amazing looks. That part of the reason you buy a premium phone. Most cases cover that up but not this one. Show off its stunning colors with its while still protecting it.

Another one we really liked was the Olixar Bumper Case. It is the best of both worlds: it protects the phone while still showing off its design and unique colors. It's a little more industrial, but we like that. Most importantly, it'll protect your phone should you drop it by accident.

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