Best Cases for the Huawei P30 TechnoBuffalo 2022

One of the first things you need to get yourself when you buy a smartphone is a case. It is no different with the Huawei P30, one of the newest phones on the market right now, which is as fragile as it is beautiful due to its all-glass design. Beauty comes at a price, but with the right case, there's no need to fret. Here are our picks for the best cases for the Huawei P30.

The best you can get: Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Staff Favorite

Spigen is an authority when it comes to cases for smartphones and its Rugged Armor Case for the P30 is no exception. Made of a resilient shock-absorbing material with carbon fiber trims that can take in a fair amount of damage thanks to the Air Cushion Technology that will keep the phone protected. Beyond the protection, it doesn't hurt that the case also looks strikingly good.

$13 at Amazon

Cover it up: Hoomil Wallet Case

The Hoomil Wallet Case doubles as a wallet along with its main intent as a case. Available in a black finish, the leather finish looks sleek and stealthy. The case itself that cocoons the P30 is made of flexible TPU material. But when you open it inside, it takes on a new form with a light trim that houses two card slots and a slot for your loose cash.

13 at Amazon

Going clear: Orzero Hybrid Dual Layer Case

The Orzero Hybrid Dual Layer Case is not your typical case and that's a good thing. It brings together all the elements of a great case, that being great protection with its dual-layer design that absorbs the shock a steep drop may deliver on your phone and a good look. But it also offers two things most cases don't offer: a magnetic back cover for car mounts and a ring bracket hold.

$9 at Amazon

Slim and minimal: Tianyd Ultra Thin Case

Cases serve different functions. Some offer the best protection while others offer unique designs that stand out. The Tianyd Ultra Thin Case offers the slimmest form factor while still protecting your phone. While it can stand up against unexpected drops, that's not its main function. It mostly aims to protect from the daily grind without being too obtrusive.

$12 at Amazon

Protect with style: Vinve Cover Clear Case

The Vinve Cover Clear Case is one of the most stylish cases you can buy. It wears this two-tone look due to the combination of a polycarbonate back cover that is see-through and a flexible TPU bumper. The two-tone look is very stylish, giving the overall look a very fresh finish that a lot of people will enjoy.

$8 at Amazon

The vintage look: Mulbess Vintage Wallet Case

We've already given you a wallet case option, but we had to give you a second because more options are always better. The Mulbess Vintage Wallet Case stands out given its unique vintage look with its weathered leather. That goes along with protecting your phone and storing your cards and cash via the compartments it has on the outer part.

$12 at Amazon

Impressively rugged: Futanwei Rugged Case

The name of the game with the Futanwei Rugged Case is full protection. You'll be able to tell because this case looks like a tank that can withstand an apocalypse. It may very well with its dual-layer construction that provides double the protection. It can protect against steep drops thanks to its Shock Absorbent Technology, and it comes in nine different colors.

$9 at Amazon

Matte black everything: EasyAcc Matte Case

If you are of the mindset that everything should be matte black, then the EasyAcc Matte Case is the right choice for you. As the name suggests, it is an all matte black case that looks super stealthy. It blends in nicely with the dark trims of the phone, but its TPU build also ensures maximum protection.

$8 at Amazon

All-around protection: LuiShan Shockproof Case

The LuiShan Shockproof Case needs no introduction. It is a case and it protects your phone and that's all you need to know about it. That being said, you should also be aware that it has some nifty tricks that make it a worthy case for the P30, such as the stylus it comes with because who doesn't use a stylus with a phone?

$8 at Amazon

Keep your Huawei P30 snug

Your Huawei P30 is ready to be protected. If you are like most people, you'll end up needing one badly. It is almost comical how easy it is to break the display on your smartphone. It has happened to me, and it likely happened to you too. I'm sure we also had a singular thought going through our heads: I should have used a case. Luckily, we've got you covered.

Our staff favorite is the Spigen Rugged Amor Case because Spigen makes some of the best cases around. Beyond just offering top-notch protection for the P30, it also looks very unique with the carbon fiber trims that give it a premium finish.

Another great option is the Vinve Cover Clear Case with its clear finish that still shows off that brand new phone of yours. It won't hide your investment but it will protect it from drops or scratches.

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