Best Cases for the Google Pixel 3 TechnoBuffalo 2022

So you have a brand new Pixel 3 in your possession and your first instinct should be to protect that phone because it likely cost a lot of money. Then your head is in the right place. Your best bet to protect is a great case and luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from. Here are our picks for the best Pixel 3 cases.

Soft, stylish and sleek: Google Fabric Case

Staff Favorite

Google finally jumped into the case market with the Pixel 3 Fabric Case and it hit it out of the park. The soft, fabric case features a unique finish that, coupled with the colorful and tactile power button, provides one of the best case experiences for the Pixel 3. It's available in four distinct colors: Carbon, Indigo, Fog, and Pink Moon.

$40 at Google

Leather goodness: Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy is best known for its leather goods, and its Leather Case for the Pixel 3 carries on its leather-making legacy admirably. Available in six unique colors including a vibrant Caramel version, the case looks fantastic with its slim profile. A soft microfiber lining protects the inside and its flex polymer frame functions with Active Edge.

$40 at Amazon

For outdoors people: Nomad Rugged Case

Nomad's Rugged Case for the Pixel 3 is a new kind of leather case. Instead of the supple design of previous selections, this one is made of rustic brown Horween leather and a high-grade polycarbonate body that's perfect for outdoorsy people. It blends into nature while protecting your phone from it.

$45 at Nomad

Show of your phone: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case

If you paid all that money for a sleek Pixel 3, chances are you are going to want to show it off. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case lets do that with its clear finish that's made of a rigid back and flexible TPU bumper. It'll ward off drops with its Air Cushion Technology.

$13 at Amazon

Pure protection: Tech21 Pure Clear Case

Another option for a clear case is the Tech21 Pure Clear Case. It's ultra-thin and its clear finish lets you show off that colorful Pixel 3 of yours without sacrificing on protection. Using its impact bumper frame, Tech21 cases can withstand just about any drop without so much as a scratch on your phone.

$40 at Tech21

Tank-like safety: Otterbox Symmetry Case

The Otterbox Symmetry Case for the Pixel 3 is for those looking for max protection. The durable protection sacrifices a sleek design, but some value that more. Unlike past Otterbox cases, this one is a one-piece design that's easy to put on and take off.

$39 at Amazon

Best of both worlds: Incipio NGP Case

Incipio's NGP Case provides the best of both worlds: protection and a unique design. It has a two-tone finish with the top part comprising of a translucent material that still shows off the Pixel 3 design while the bottom part is a white polymer that offsets the color quite nicely.

$20 at Amazon

Classic grip: Speck Grip Case

Speck's Grip Case for the Pixel 3 adds the classic finish that debuted years ago. Made of a hard, polycarbonate outer shell and an inner lining of IMPACTIUM rubber material, it's tested to absorb falls of up to 10 feet. The outer shell also has rubber ridges that make it super grippy in the hand.

$40 at Amazon

Hybrid style: Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Changing things up is the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case. This two-part case consists of a hybrid soft rubber material and a hard polycarbonate frame. It also delivers a precise fingerprint cut out, tactile buttons and a sleek finish available in three unique colors: Burgundy, Gun Metal and Mint.

$15 at Amazon

Double the versatility: ProCase Wallet Case

Need a wallet case to cut down on your pocket carry? The ProCase Wallet Case is our pick because it's a truly versatile case. It consists of a hard case that connects to the Pixel 3, and a flexible leather folio cover that has three cards slots and a money pocket.

$11 at Amazon

The toughest protection: Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen's Tough Armor Case is another great option to protect your Pixel 3. As the name suggests, it completely armors the phone with two layers of impact resistance. The camera and fingerprint cut outs are precise and the buttons are still super tactile. You also get a nifty kickstand that will come in handy when you're watching videos.

$17 at Amazon

A bed of flowers: Osophter Flower Case

If you want something that truly stands out, the Osophter Flower Case is the selection for you. The clear case is imprinted with a unique and beautiful flower pattern. Even with the style, you'll still protect your phone with its reinforced frame.

$9 at Amazon

Unmatched protection

There are plenty of options to keep your Pixel 3 snug and safe. There's no need to worry about its fragile glass body shattering during an unexpected slip through the hands. And even better, some of these cases really add something to the Pixel 3 look.

Our staff favorite is the Google Fabric Case. This is a first-party case so you know you are getting the most precise fit possible. It doesn't hurt that it looks amazing with its fabric finish that delivers an experience no other case can match. Google also threw in an accent colored power button that adds a flare of style to the case.

If that isn't your cup of tea, the Bellroy Leather Case is a great back up case. As the name suggests, it is made of natural leather that delivers a premium that finish that feels quite snug and comfortable in the hand.

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