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The Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the most premium wearables you can buy right. Its stunning display goes from edge to edge and its slim body is thinner than ever. However, you shouldn't just wear it and be on your way — to keep it protected, you need the right case. These are our picks for the best cases for the Apple Watch Series 4.

Show it off: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case - 40mm and 44mm

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When you own an Apple Watch, the one thing you want to do is show it off. After all, it cost a pretty penny. Spigen's Liquid Crystal Case lets you do just that by offering a clear case that shows off the stunning hardware. Form-fitting and sleek, the case doesn't add any additional bulk to the watch while protecting it from unwelcomed scuffs. Plus, the Spigen brand is a trustworthy name when it comes to cases.

All-around coverage: Smiling Case with TPU Protector - 40mm and 44mm

Covering your Apple Watch never looked as good as with the Smiling Case with TPU Protector. It comes in a stunning space grey finish, Apple's color of choice, and it covers every millimeter of the Apple Watch. There's the TPU case that will cover the body, but unlike other cases, it also covers the display, which is the most susceptible to dings.

Rugged and impressive: Spigen Rugged Armor Case - 40mm and 44mm

There's case protection, but then there's rugged case protection. The Spigen Rugged Amor Case fits that bill with its rugged finish that is squarely aimed at protecting your Apple Watch from everyday use. The flexible TPU material is shock resistant, while still offering a clear display and button cutout.

Super protection: SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case - 40mm and 44mm

If all you're looking for is protection, the SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case is the case you want. From the case to the straps, it's made to withstand a stampede and survive (we're not going to test if that's true). The UB Pro bumper absorbs shock and the raised bezel will keep scratches off the display.

Slim and sleek: Caseology Nero Case - 40mm and 44mm

Caseology's Nero Case is one of the most understated cases you could put on your Apple Watch. It's available in two colors, black and pink, and is made out of a flexible TPU bumper case that's soft but will protect your watch by absorbing shock. It has a perfect cutout for the crown and the watch bands.

Colorful protection: MENEEA Case Protector - 44mm

MENEEA's Case Protect is a sturdy case that will easily protect your new Apple Watch Series 4. It's made out of a high-quality TPU material that covers all the curves of the wearable and has precise cutouts for the crown and side button. It's also available in three different colors: black, blue and pink. This case is only available for the bigger 44mm model.

$9 for 44mm at Amazon

Show off your watch

When Apple designed the Apple Watch Series 4, it put great importance of the aesthetic beauty of the device. With that said, it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest to put on a case, but if it's for protection, that's understandable

To meet halfway, the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case is the best way to go. It does a great job of protecting your Apple Watch while getting out of the way. It almost looks as if you are not using a case, especially the Gold versions where that color pops out.

That's our main pick, going with something like the Caseology Nero Case. This covers up the watch a little bit more but its all-black finish will provide a stealthy look for those who appreciate the look.

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