Best Cases for the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 2 TechnoBuffalo 2022

The Apple Watch Series 4 may be the new and improved Apple wearable on the block, but don't quite excommunicate the Series 3 and 2 just yet. Apple still sells them and they are still fantastic devices worth picking up (plus you can save a few bucks). While on the subject, keeping them protected is imperative, and these cases, which we hand-picked, should do the trick. As a note, all Series 3 cases fit Series 2 Apple Watches.

Protect everything: Smiling Case with TPU Screen Protector - 38mm and 42mm

Staff Favorite

The Smiling Case with TPU Screen Protector is one of the best cases for the Apple Watch Series 3. It offers 360-degree protection with the TPU material covering not only the body but the display as well. It only adds 0.3mm of thickness and weighs nearly nothing, so you won't really notice it. That's the best compliment you can pay a case.

Tough and rugged: Spigen Rugged Armor Case - 38mm and 42mm

Spigen is known for making outstanding smartphone cases, and its Apple Watch cases are no different. And as the name suggests, it's quite rugged and durable which should stand the test of time and everyday use. A nice touch is the aluminum side button that provides super tactile feedback.

Aluminum ultimatum: X-Doria Aluminum Case - 38mm and 42mm

Most Apple Watch cases just add protection to it, but the X-Doria Aluminum Case adds an element of premium. The frame is made of an easy-to-install aluminum casing that blends in seamlessly with the aluminum body of the Apple Watch. It covers each of the high-impact edges while still providing easy access to the crown, side button, and magnetic charger on the bottom.

Durable and slick: Alritz Protective Case - 38mm and 42m

As far as cases go, the Alritz Protective Case is high up there as one of the best you can buy. For starters, it comes in a 2-pack that offers a clear case and a black case. You can go with whichever look you prefer. Aside from that, it's quite comfortable to wear daily.

The best protection: SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case - 38mm and 42mm

A little extra protection goes a long way, and SUPCASE's Rugged Protective Case is one of the most durable cases available for the Apple Watch. It looks like a tank with its formidable build, and the materials used for the case ensure your watch won't be damaged.

Your style: UMTELE Shock Proof Bumper - 38mm and 42mm

The best thing about UMTELE's bumper here are the colors it is available in. That would be eight, which means you can find the right color to match your sunny or more serious personality. Plus, it offers the best of a good wearable case with the right protection and a slim profile.

All-around protection: Catalyst Waterproof Case - 38mm

Want award-winning, tough as nails protection? The Catalyst Waterproof Case for the Apple Watch is the case for you. You only need to take one look to understand what it's all about. Its imposing look delivers a great design and protection that includes IP68 waterproof protection and military-resistance drops. This case is only available in the smaller 38mm size.

$70 at Amazon

Unified protection: I-Blason Hybrid Protective Bumper Case - 42mm

The I-Blason Hybrid Protective Bumper Case is a great, slick case that provides a unique unified look. It consists of a case the blends right into the straps made of a polycarbonate that is soft and scratch-resistant. You can buy in five different colors: black, red, blue, pink and green. This case is only available in the 42mm size.

$15 at Amazon

Go full luxury: Lunatik Epic Aluminum Case - 42mm

If you look up the word luxury in the dictionary, a picture of the Lunatik Epic Aluminum Case will come up because this thing is a beauty. The case is a mixture of an ultra-premium anodized aluminum casing complete with shock-absorbing pads and a hand-crafted premium leather band. This thing looks absolutely premium. This case is only available in the 42mm size.

$85 at Amazon

These are our favorites

For those who don't own an Apple Watch, here is a fair warning: it is almost too easy to ding it. One day you'll look down at your watch and you'll have a scratch or a dent. How did this come about? It's just too easy to smash it against a wall, chair or table.

That's why we recommenced cases that will take this damage and our favorite pick is the Smiling Case. It is not just a standard case, it entirely covers the Apple Watch with the TPU Screen Protector. Worse than a dig to the body of your Apple Watch is a crack to the display. It'll make your heart fall and you don't ever want to experience that.

That's a great option, but another great selection is the I-Blason Hybrid Protective Bumper Case. The two-in-one combination of a case and a strap adds fantastic protection with a modern design. It'll very much appeal to those who fully take advantage of the Apple Watch's health-tracking features.

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