Best car battery charger TechnoBuffalo 2022

It's very easy to forget to turn your lights off on your car or have the alternator stop working correctly. When that happens, you need a way to get your car going again. Thankfully these car battery chargers are perfect for the job of keeping you going.

Noco Boost Plus

Best overall: NOCO Boost Plus

Staff Pick

Sometimes the best charger is the one you have with you. This handheld jump starter has enough power to jump-start a six-liter petrol — or three-liter diesel — car up to 20 times on a single charge. That means you can keep it in your car for any emergency. It can also charge your phone — great if you stuck at the side of the road — as well as having a flashlight to help you see the car battery in the dark.

$100 at Amazon
Stanley Fatmax J7cs

All-in-one goodness: Stanley fatmax j7 cs

The Stanley Fatmax is like the Swiss Army knife of car battery chargers. Not only does it charge the battery, but it is also loaded with USB ports for your phones and even an air compressor for refilling the air in your tires. If you are stuck at the side of the road, you'll be glad you had this in your car with you.

$61 at Amazon
Noco Genius

For charging at home: Noco Genius 1

The Noco Genius isn't just for your car battery, but it is great for those types of battery. The genius plugs into your wall socket at home and allows you to charge a six or 12-volt battery overnight. If you have a boat, or an ATV, or any other car battery, the genius will charge it for you.

$30 at Amazon
Tacklife T

Portable and powerful: TACKLIFE Lithium Car Jump Starter

The Tacklife is another excellent car jumper that doubles up as a phone charger. The Tacklife is designed to be rugged, too, with a little compass to make it feel adventurous. My favorite thing, though, is the DC 12V port adapter that it comes with. It opens up a lot of possibilities when you are on the move.

$70 at Amazon

Advice at no charge

As much as we would like to, not all of us have brand new cars with excellent batteries in them. Some of us have junkers that we try to keep running or older vehicles that need TLC. When the inevitable happens, and the car battery dies, you'll want something like the NOCO Boost Plus in your trunk to help you get it going again. Or, if that doesn't work, you can at least keep your phone charged until help arrives.

If you are looking for a trickle charger for your boat battery — or anything similar — then we would suggest the Noco Genius 1. It's small, but works perfectly for the job at hand.

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