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There's no doubt that Captain Marvel is a powerful superhero and Marvel Studio's cinematic experience has taken its fans on a spectacular journey. Help continue his or her intergalactic adventure with these best Captain Marvel gifts. From figurines to Funko POP! to apparel - there is something for every Captain Marvel enthusiast.

Lifelike figure: Marvel Captain Marvel Legends Figure

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With any collection, the best way to get started is to start with something simple. This 6-inch Captain Marvel figure features a striking likeness of actor Brie Larson in full costume, with two different configurations: an unmasked version and one with her iconic mohawk on full display.

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Two good eyes: Funko POP! Captain Marvel Nick Fury

No Captain Marvel collection would be complete without a figure of Nick Fury, who is played by the legendary Samuel L. Jackson. The only difference is in Captain Marvel, we'll meet a version of Fury with two good eyes, long before he became the orchestrator of the Avengers initiative.

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Adorable hero: Funko POP! Captain Marvel

Funko POP! offers a really cute version of Captain Marvel in the green and black outfit she wears while part of Starforce. The figure displays the hero in a powerful stance as she gears up to become one of the galaxy's fiercest warriors. This is perfect for any Captain Marvel and Funko POP! fan.

$9 at Amazon

Heroic apparel: Captain Marvel Chest Symbol T-Shirt

Display your heroism and show your support for Captain Marvel with this officially licensed Marvel T-shirt, which features Captain Marvel's iconic crest. The T-shirt is made of lightweight cotton and features a classic fit, making it the perfect attire for your night at the movies.

$23 at Amazon

Become a hero: Captain Marvel Higher Further Faster T-Shirt

Utter Captain Marvel's iconic motto with this Higher, Further, Faster shirt — a phrase that encapsulates the character's ambitious and heroic spirit. The T-shirt features Captain Marvel's iconic insignia and a terrific display of her suit's red, gold, and blue.

$23 at Amazon

Stay warm: Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Hoodie

Even heroes get cold, so stay warm with this Captain Marvel hoodie, which displays the superhero sporting her mohawk. The sweater features a unisex design and is officially licensed by Marvel, and will make for the perfect complement to your outfit for Captain Marvel or Endgame.

$46 at Amazon

What time is it?: Captain Marvel Symbol Watch

It's time to save the universe with this Captain Marvel watch, which sports the hero's symbol on the watch face. You'll marvel at the watch's beautiful design and never miss a show time ever again.

$43 at Amazon

Wall decoration: Captain Marvel Poster

Posters are always an integral part of any movie's marketing, and this Captain Marvel poster is a fantastic way to show your enthusiasm for the upcoming film. Adorn your wall with a heroic view of the titular hero and her favorite phrase emblazoned on a gorgeous sky.

$11 at Amazon

Hold this: Captain Marvel x Vans Backpack

This isn't just a cool Captain Marvel themed backpack; it's a cool backpack, period. The backpack features a stylish design, large front pocket, and a metallic Captain Marvel symbol emblazoned on the front. Carry your books and show your support for the strongest Avenger at the same time.

$40 at Amazon

Get acquainted: Captain Marvel Earth's Mightiest Hero Vol. 1

Get to know Earth's mightiest hero in this volume that chronicles the adventures of Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Captain Marvel). In Captain Marvel: Earth's Mightiest Hero Vol. 1, you'll see how it all started, giving you the inside scoop.

$20 at Amazon

Go incognito: Captain Marvel SHIELD Hat

Go incognito with this SHIELD hat, which we saw Captain Marvel wear in the first trailer for her upcoming movie. The hat is made of high-quality canvas and features a solid, durable design, making it the perfect headwear for when you head into battle.

$20 at Amazon

Shine on: Captain Marvel Jewelry

Accessorize with this Captain Marvel jewelry necklace, which features five interchangeable charms to mix and match your style. The necklace is officially licensed and is made from durable zinc alloy, so you'll be able to withstand evil while you proudly display Captain Marvel's iconic symbol.

$20 at Amazon

No matter how you look at it, there's awesome Captain Marvel merchandise out there for everyone, whether you want a stylish t-shirt or some light reading material. If you have to start somewhere, check out this Marvel legends figure of the hero herself. There's no Captain Marvel collection without, well, Captian Marvel!

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