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Captain Marvel made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut this year and has quickly become a crowd favorite. Her determination, iron will, and incredible super powers make her a great role model and one of the coolest Avengers to ever hit the big screen. Want to show your love of Captain Marvel? Check out these awesome action figures.

Attention to detail: Captain Marvel Legends

Staff pick

Standing at 6 inches tall, this action-packed Captain Marvel figure can be customized with additional accessories, including different hands and a head that features the hero's mask and iconic mohawk.

$16 at Amazon

Kree super soldier: Captain Marvel - Starforce

Before Captain Marvel was, well, Captain Marvel, she was part of Starforce, an elite Kree military group. This 11.5-inch figure features her Kree military uniform and an additional mask that puts Captain Marvel's awesome mohawk on display.

$15 at Amazon

Fashionably heroic: Captain Marvel Legends - Bomber Jacket

With a brown bomber jacket and a lifelike design, this Captain Marvel figure looks like it was ripped straight off the big screen. The 6-inch figure comes with Goose the cat, premium articulation, and an arm to assemble a Kree Sentry (other figures sold separately).

$16 at Amazon

Goose the cat: Captain Marvel Superhero Doll

This super hero doll stands at 11.5 inches tall and features Captain Marvel in her iconic red, gold, and blue suit. The figure features fifteen points of articulation and includes a backpack, jacket, and Goose the cat.

$20 at Amazon

Save the world: Captain Marvel Cosmic Superhero

Similar to our previous pick, this 11.5-inch figure features Captain Marvel ready to do battle, with five points of articulation for posable action and energy blasts over her hands, so you can defeat evil and keep the universe safe.

$13 at Amazon

Lifelike action: Captain Marvel Diamond Select - Starforce

With a lifelike design, Diamond Select's Captain Marvel figure shows the hero in her Starforce Uniform, ready to tackle dangerous missions. It features sixteen points of articulation, stands at 7 inches tall, and comes with Goose the cat.

$30 at Amazon

Multiple accessories: Captain Marvel Legends - Starforce

As part of the Legends Series, this Captain Marvel figure is one of the more detailed on this list, because it features multiple accessories and multiple points of articulation. At 6 inches tall, you can send Captain Marvel into battle with or without a mask and weapons by her side.

$34 at Amazon

Pew pew pew: Captain Marvel - Photon Power FX

What makes this Captain Marvel figure different from the others is its lights and sound effects inspired by the film. With 11 points of articulation, the attention to detail and movie-real effects will make you feel like you're helping Captain Marvel eradicate the bad guys.

$25 at Amazon

The whole crew: Captain Marvel Figure Set

Why settle for just one Captain Marvel when you can get six? This six-piece play set features two figures for Captain Marvel and figures for Nick Fury, Yon-Rogg, Talos, and Minn-Erva. You can recreate the whole movie as Captain Marvel discovers who she really is.

$15 at Amazon

The most powerful Avenger

The good news is fans are going to see a lot more of Captain Marvel in the future, including in Avengers: Endgame. Her powers and heroism could be just what the Avengers need to turn the tide against Thanos.

The Captain Marvel Legends figure is an excellent choice because it displays a wonderful likeness of Brie Larson and features multiple accessories, including a replaceable head that displays her iconic mohawk.

If you're looking for the "action" in action figure, the Captain Marvel figure with movie-like sound and light effects is a great choice. Along with immersive sound effects, the figure features high articulation for numerous action poses.

Let your imagination run wild and kick some alien butt with this epic collection of Captain Marvel action figures.

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