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Your culinary skills shouldn't take a deep dive because you're out in the wilderness or at a campground. Camping stoves do everything your cooktop does at home while also having the advantage of being portable. Whether you're new to the great outdoors or looking to replace your old unit, these are our tried and true favorite camping stoves.

Coleman Classic Camping Stover Render Cropped

Best overall: Coleman Classic

Staff Favorite

Coleman has been making camping gear since the early 1900s. They have the know-how and experience to design efficient, inexpensive camp stoves. The Coleman Classic is a two-burner propane stove. It looks like a metal suitcase when in travel mode, never taking up much room. It unfolds to give itself a windscreen at the back and wings at the sides that also prevent harsh winds from blowing out cooking flames. Its two burners sit far enough apart to cook with two pots, and dials on the front give you precise temperature control. The Coleman Classic is reliable, affordable, and perfect for one or an army of six.

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Camp Chef Explorer Camping Stove Render Cropped

When you need a little height: Camp Chef Explorer

Traditional camping stoves are designed to work on a picnic table. That's all well and good until you end up at a site without a place to put your stove. The Camp Chef Explorer is a double burner stove with legs. It's ideal for taller campers or anyone who wants to keep the picnic table free and clear of a hot, messy stove. The burners are cast aluminum, and a three-sided windscreen prevents breezes ending the life of your flames. This model has detachable legs, a three-foot hose and regulator, flame adjustable dial, a cast iron griddle, and it runs off propane.

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Coleman Camp Bistro Render Cropped

Best one burner: Coleman Camp Bistro

Coleman's Camp Bistro is a one-burner butane stove. Its matchless, one-touch lighting and precise temperature control knob make it an instant hit with new campers and those who don't want to hassle with packing too many extras. There's a carrying case included for hauling this from car to campsite. It may look small, but the Camp Bistro is large enough to fit a 10-inch pan, so it's great for brewing morning coffee, getting bacon and eggs going, or heating dinner. Also worth bragging about: removable steel grates that make cleaning a breeze.

$20 at Amazon
Solo Stove Titan Render Cropped

No fuel canister required: Solo Stove Titan

There's no denying that, when given a choice, most prefer the taste of foods cooked over a wood-burning fire. Campfire flames are hard to control, though, so many opt for some type of camping stove. You'll get the best of both worlds with the Solo Titan. The compact camp stove kit runs off kindling. A unique double wall design burns wood efficiently and without much smoke. The Titan can boil water in five minutes and has ample space to cook for two to four adults. The Titan weighs just a hair over a pound and comes with a carrying bag.

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Bottom line

Camping isn't something I do once in a blue moon. I spend more of my life in the wilderness than I do in my home. I own a few camping stoves, and I use them in different environments. The one I pull out most often is the Coleman Classic. It runs on affordable and easy-to-find propane, has two adjustable burners, and packs down smaller than my briefcase.

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