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Camping does not mean ditching every comfort, especially when it comes to coffee. Mornings aren't the same without the rich aroma of a freshly brewed cup. That's just the way it is. Luckily, there is no need to give up on your favorite caffeine boost or make do with a substitute as there are many coffee makers designed for outdoor life.

Best overall: Hario V60 coffee dripper

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The dripper is perfect for taking along on a camping trip. It comes in a range of colors and styles, from retro red ceramic to lighter-weight clear plastic. The controlled water flowing through the coffee grounds gives you a consistent flavor and strength. It also comes in three sizes so you can make one to six cups of coffee.


  • Can get different sizes for up to six cups
  • Lightweight and perfect for travel
  • The dripper controls the flow


  • The hole in the bottom is larger
  • Filters can be difficult to find

Best overall

Hariov60 Best Camping Coffee Makers Render Hario

Hario V60 coffee dripper

Pour-over coffee maker you can take anywhere

Simple, efficient, and elegant, take this dripper camping or to work. It's convenient for anywhere.

Best value: Primula Brew Buddy portable pour-over

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Use the ultra-lightweight pour-over to make a single cup of coffee in 30 seconds. It looks like a tea filter where you control the strength of the coffee by the rate of pour. The fine mesh sits in the cup while you fill it with water.

It's ideal for travel, taking very little space, and weighing a mere 1.6-ounces. Handwash it on the trail and throw it in the dishwasher when home.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reusable mesh
  • In-cup coffee brewing


  • Brew strength is not consistent

Best value

Primula Best Camping Coffee Makers Render Primulaproducts

Primula Brew Buddy portable pour-over

Suitable when camping solo

Save with this reusable pour-over coffee maker that works like a tea bag and makes one cup at a time

Best filterless coffee maker: Cafellissimo paperless pour-over coffee maker

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This coffee maker saves you the headache of disposing of the filter. Its fine stainless steel mesh doesn't need a filter, just your favorite coffee grounds. Get more vibrant and bolder flavors to start your day just right.

It's straightforward to use, works well anywhere, and is compact and lightweight. Enjoy being a barista while you're camping with a full-bodied coffee. Rinse with water when finished.


  • Top-quality materials
  • Stainless_Steel filter mesh
  • Easy to clean


  • Holes can start to clog up

Best filterless coffee maker

Cafellisimo Best Camping Coffee Makers Render Amazon

Cafellissimo paperless pour-over coffee maker

Reusable drip cone coffee filter

A complete pour-over coffee dripper in one simple-to-use cone.

Best percolator: Farberware 50124 classic Yosemite stainless steel coffee percolator

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Make coffee the traditional way with this coffee maker. It's the original 8-cup stovetop percolator made from heavy-duty stainless steel polished to a mirror finish. A glass knob identifies when percolating has begun. The permanent filter basket eliminates the need for paper filters.

Brew coffee for the whole campsite while showcasing the styling and quality of this great product.


  • Made of premium stainless steel
  • Built-in permanent filter basket
  • Clear plastic cap for monitoring percolation


  • Glass knob may need continual tightening

Best percolator

Faberware Best Camping Coffee Makers Render Faberwareproducts

Farberware 50124 classic Yosemite stainless steel coffee percolator

Classic kettle looking percolator

A traditional looking percolator big enough to entertain friends

Bottom line

Choosing a coffee maker depends on how essential your camping trip is; that is, do you travel light or heavy. If you cannot do without your daily brew, then you cannot go wrong with the Coleman grill-top coffeemaker. Use your grill top to brew up to ten cups of coffee that you can enjoy over a few free hours. If you're not in the mood for coffee, then heat whatever it is you want and continue the enjoyment.

Coleman is a brand that's synonymous with camping, so this coffeemaker offers that same expected level of quality. It's compatible with most two and three burner stovetops but is just as capable of brewing coffee in your home. Coffee is one guilty pleasure to be planned and enjoyed whatever you're doing.

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