Just the other day we reported that Radio Shack was offering some killer deals on iPhones, well it seems as if Best Buy didn’t want to be upstaged. Boy Genius Report states that Best Buy will offer new customers, additional line sign-ups and those wishing to upgrade an instant rebate on the 8GB iPhone 3GS. This rebate will make the 3GS Free with a 2 year contract, the catch here is this deal will only be available on one day, Friday, Dec. 10th.

Now before you start searching for your tent and other camping gear, rumor has it that Best Buy has stated they will have ample supply of the 3GS, but I suggest to at least give them a call Friday to confirm the sale is even happening unless it’s a short jaunt for you.


This is a pretty good deal and if your sporting an old Blackberry or worse, a flip style phone it may be time to try out the 3GS. Even though it’s just about a year and a half old, the 3GS will still support most of the iOS 4.2 feature and will be an ample phone for beginner smartphone users. I for one am looking at upgrading my mother-in-law from a Samsung Sync flip phone to a 3GS as she has been increasingly interested in joining the smartphone community.

Heck even if you don’t want the phone, are eligible for an upgrade and don’t care about upgrading your handset over the next two years you could get the 3GS and resell it for a pretty nice profit as new iPhone 3GS’s are running between $300 and $400 on ebay and Craigslist.

Let me know are you hoping to jump on this deal for yourself or a loved one?