iPad mini With Retina, iPad logo, Stacked

Best Buy is currently offering the iPad mini with Retina for as low as $350, dropping the price down from $399. A small drop of $50 likely won’t have consumers flocking to the big box retailer in droves, but an extra discount is always appreciated. The discount applies to all iPad mini with Retina models, so it just depends on what color and size you prefer, and whether you want data capabilities or not.

It doesn’t appear there’s a timeframe attached to the offer, but it would be prudent to take advantage as soon as possible, or else risk the price going back up. Best Buy has become one of the best places to purchase Apple kit; the retailer was a good place to turn over the holiday period, and it sure looks like the company is happy to continue that trend. Apple’s iPad mini is without question one of the top tablets money can buy, big or small, and the extra dip might help nudge a few stragglers to scoop it up.

Meanwhile, the price of the original iPad mini is being discounted by $20 through Best Buy, so if you prefer to kick it old school, you can go that route, too. The drop in price could go on for a few days, or until the weekend, but it’s better to just pull the trigger now if an Apple tablet is what you’re after. Maybe you have a few Visa gift cards left over from the holidays.