Despite its recent price $100 price reduction, it seems HP is still struggling to shift its TouchPad webOS tablet, and according to AllThingsD, Best Buy has thousands of them sat around that it wants HP to take back.

Best Buy is said to have initially purchased 270,000 TouchPad units, less than 10% (25,000) of which have actually been sold, leaving the retailer with around 245,000 tablets that nobody really wants (including HP). And that 10% is reportedly a “charitable” figure, slightly greater that actual sales results would reflect, and doesn’t take into account all those devices that were returned for a refund by unhappy customers.

However, it seems HP also doesn’t have the room to house 245,000 unwanted tablets, and is reportedly desperate for Best Buy to be a little more patient with the device. A senior company executive for HP is set to meet with Best Buy management to discuss the TouchPad shortly.

Further details regarding TouchPad sales will be revealed by HP later today, with the company set to announce its quarterly financial results. But while that $100 reduction may have slightly boosted sales for a short period, it seems the device is still struggling to put up any kind of fight against Apple’s iPad.

However, to save embarrassment, HP may only reveal “channel sales,” which are those shipments sent out to retailers — that could be sitting on stacks of unsold tablets — rather than actual sales to consumers.

Analyst Rich Doherty believes that the TouchPad’s recent price slash may have actually dissuaded customers to buy the device:

“After the initial surge of interest after the July release, all those price promotions have caused consumers interested in buying a TouchPad to pause because they think the price is going to fall further.”

Could Best Buy reach a deal with HP that sees the TouchPad reduced even further?

[via SlashGear]