Best Buy Store Closing

Purchase a new phone through Best Buy and the company will hook you up with a $50 gift card. All that's needed from the customer is a smidgen of information before Feb. 9. No fancy hoops, no tireless rebate periods.

The retailer has a short list of guidelines for potential buyers: register your phone number (and up to four more) on Best Buy's website before this Sunday, pick up a handset with two-year agreement between now and Dec. 31 and, once everything is activated, customers will get $50.

The offer is valid with devices available on all big four carriers here in the U.S., so there are no favorites being played. If you have your eye on any of the big Android or Windows Phones, or Apple's latest iPhone, you can get a little return for your purchase. Heck, you can even wait it out and pickup BlackBerry's new Z10 (assuming the device will be available through Best Buy at some point this year) when it launches in March.

Best Buy said that those who sign up are not obligated to go through with the promotion. So if you hand over your mobile number and decide not to purchase a device through the retailer, no harm done. It's quite nice Best Buy is keeping this open through the entirety of 2013; we expect some pretty nice devices to appear relatively soon, including HTC's anticipated M7.